Keep Walking

But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead. Matt.8:22

Rather than Christ alone,  the church would rather have a mortal man– any man– even a man they think is supposedly a “lesser evil” than the other one. Yes a man (take your pick) who pretends to be “for the common good” but actually worships the devil and works great evil at the command of his higher masters in the coven who own and control him.

But the church does not care, it does not see, it does not believe in such ridiculous kooky “conspiracy” things. The church thinks it silly and nonsense to believe in the reality of the dark spiritual realm, witchcraft, dark sentences, luciferianism. It is written off; disregarded, laughed off, denied. They continue on and on, putting their hope in such men, in flesh, in wickedness. The man who is the “lesser of two evils” always looks so nice, so acceptable, so harmless. Of course! But that man is a liar, he is serving his father the devil. He is flesh, serving the powers of darkness and flesh.

But flesh is death. The carnally minded is death. The lesser of two deaths is still *death.

Oh Israel, put your hope in the LORD.  Oh love the LORD ye His saints. Jesus Christ gives us ABUNDANT LIFE. This life is not in this country, it is not
in government, it is not in this world. It is in HIM ALONE. We cannot share this hope with another. We cannot share our love, and allegiance to Him, with another.

Pilgrims do not put their hope in Vanity Fair, they are citizens of another country. They do hope for the restoration and improvement of Vanity Fair, they have been transferred elsewhere–to the Kingdom of the Son of God. They do not put down roots and labor to save Vanity Fair so they and their children can have a tolerable life there in the future, they know it’s going to burn in the judgment. They do not stop and settle down in Vanity Fair, THEY KEEP WALKING.


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