hear & listen to

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me… John10:27

Flipping radio channels in my car yesterday looking for traffic news, i unknowingly landed on a Christian station during an advertisement…..
and it was exhortation that Christians have the CHRISTIAN DUTY to vote, and that we must because we are required to do this to be good citizens since being a Christian means being a good citizen….. …. and the ad ended with their ultimate reason that we must vote:

 “for the common good”……… and then they identified that the ad was brought to you by the “Heritage Foundation”.

Well, those two phrases sure got my attention.

I was reminded of why I no longer listen to State-approved, “Christian radio stations”. They are all owned and operated by the rulers of the kingdoms of this world.

We have a choice whom we shall listen to, and heed, and from whom we receive our “orders”….
1.The words of Jesus, the voice of our Shepherd, scripture, the Spirit of God……… or……….
2. The spokespersons for the rulers and kingdoms of this world.


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