Loving the Truth

“But I have this against you, that you have left your first love. Remember therefore from where you have fallen, and repent”……Rev2:4-5

The thief on the cross was born again on the cross and immediately he was in the truth. He loved the truth. He died in the truth. He did not have time to be indoctrinated with false doctrines from a corrupt religious establishment and a satanic world order. He believed the truth, remained in the truth, and He loved Jesus to the end.

For those of us who live longer than a few minutes after we are come into relationship with Jesus Christ, He gives us in the gospels many warnings of “do not be deceived.” The apostles also warn us not to be deceived. Jesus in his letters to us His people in Revelation, warn us not to be deceived. Jesus and the apostles warn the sheep because deceivers have come in to disseminate falsehood, which comes from false teachers in the corrupt religious establishment and evil leaders of the satanic world order. Most of us are around for more than a few minutes after being born from above. Thus we are warned by Jesus and the apostles, “do not be deceived.” We must remain in the truth. To do that, we must have the love of the truth, which is love for Jesus Christ. Loving truth, loving Jesus Christ, is necessary for us to be in the truth. We must remain in the truth. If we are convicted and come to the realization that we have been deceived into loving lies (loving idols) over loving Christ, we must repent and come back to that first love we had with Him.

3 thoughts on “Loving the Truth

  1. Hi Loretta, I found your blogs by one post that had been shared by another on Facebook.

    I too have taken my stand (many years ago, and still today) against the corruption in so called “Christianity”. Most have never known Christ as their first love. Many who once did know Christ as their first love, have now replaced him with something else. I think you would find many of my burdens for the truth and for souls to find the truth similar to yours. For example you will find one of my posts similar to this one at http://revelationofjesuschrist.wordpress.com/2008/08/11/are-you-fallen-from-your-first-love/

    May the Lord continue to help us all to seek and fulfill his will in the purpose of his Kingdom!

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