Witnessing to the Christian lady

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. John14:6

Yesterday I was at a park and I ended up witnessing to a nice Christian lady who is about 15 years older than I. We had a long conversation at the picnic table in which I related my testimony of how I met the Lord way back in high school. I told her the story of how a classmate died in an accident and how I went to my parish Roman Catholic priest for answers to my questions. One of my questions was “What happens after we die?” The priest answered, “We don’t really know.” Another question was, “What am I supposed to……. you know…….uh, do?…….. to have God?” (What I needed to hear was the gospel.) His answer was: “Just keep doing all the things we tell you to do in the Church, and you’ll be fine.” I told the lady about how I knew at the tender age of 17 that that could not be right, because I was faithfully doing all the Roman Catholic Church rituals for 17 years and I did not have Him. I remember thinking, “The priest wants me to keep doing these rituals until I’m 95 and drop, and then I’ll be fine??”

I told the Christian lady about how very soon after that, God sent me scriptures in the mail addressed to me and how I read the words of Jesus in the gospels. I recited some scripture for her (words of Jesus). I told her about how during the reading and through the Holy Spirit, Jesus did literally speak to me, calling me, claiming me as His, telling me that it (life) was all about HIM,  that HE IS THE WAY (not Church, not religion, not tradition, not rituals) and that He was calling me to be His and to follow Him. I told her how I immediately (again, through the leading of the Spirit) dropped all the Catholic rituals, the idol trinkets, the rosaries, the statues, the “saints”, the traditions and left the RCC to follow Jesus. I told her I had to leave the Church because it would have been impossible to follow Jesus if I stayed in it.

She nodded her head at me.

Then she started talking about how her granddaughter loves to witness with her bracelet that has pictures of “jesus” and “the saints”. She told me how excited she was that the girl would soon be having her “confirmation” sacrament. I asked her what Church and she said Lutheran and explained that Lutheran is like “Roman Catholic Church lite”. I actually did not realize that; I assumed the Lutheran Church was different from the RCC, what with Luther, the 95 Theses, the Protestant Reformation, and all.

But not so.

She ended up telling me how much she loves her Lutheran Church, and the traditions and rituals, and how the rituals give her a sense of beauty and peace and security.

I nodded my head at her.  I was done witnessing for the day.

19 thoughts on “Witnessing to the Christian lady

  1. Oh, my, that’s odd. I grew up Lutheran, Missouri Synod, and we said we were a “branch off Catholicism.” We were proud we didn’t have the mary statues and such. Luther never did away with infant baptism and I *think* the true presence of Christ in the Lord’s Supper. I grew up believing I was saved because of my baptism, church membership, and good works. Yes, you were indeed done witnessing. That lady didn’t even act like she could “hear” you. May the Lord penetrate her heart through your testimony of faith on HIM.

    • All I really know of Lutheranism is what the lady said, and what you are telling me here, and it sounds like there is NO difference from the RCC. I guess the difference is they are not officially “under the Pope” or do the Mary thing, but that is about it. Sounds like they have all the RCC sacraments and doctrines. Yes my priest told me that i would be “good” (good with God) if i did all the sacraments, rituals and went to mass for the rest of my life.

      I believe all of Western Christianity and Eastern Orthodox Christianity is a “branch off Catholicism” except that strand of believers woven through history which were never part of any of those……. (anabaptists and believers in the East, etc). The former believes it is “The Mother Church” that is the Savior………. but all in history, in all of the invisible true church (EKKLESIA) universal knew and know that Jesus Christ the Son of God is the Savior.

  2. I am convinced that it is ALL Babylon. It all started at the tower. That religious system was busted up at the tower and then spread far and wide, morphing as it spread, each culture adding their own flavor, putting their own spin on it, but it was all one and the same. *Supposedly all God*

    These cultural pagan (satanic) religious traditions and practices all found their home under one roof again, in Rome, after the emperor supposedly “got saved” then became the total authority over the church. BAH!

    So much for protest, so much for reformation. Much more likely that “Mother” gave birth to many, many illegitimate daughters. And my but do they get around themselves. Harlots all. *Supposedly all Christ*

    We are witnessing right now, in our time, their return to Mother. Protestant and Catholics together (again). Family Reunion.

    I know that sounds harsh and unforgiving, but I believe that’s ALOT closer to the TRUTH than all the excuses and explanations in the world for the shape the “visible, professing” church is in.

    Just sayin.

    Love you sister!

  3. Loretta, in all my research of Catholicism, the most shocking thing I ever read was written by Mother Teresa. She was speaking about convent life and how the priests would come visit ever how often and do mass. That they, the girls and women at the convent, could not get Christ unless and until the Fathers brought him.

    • Yes I’ve read Mother Theresa also. Her Universalist and doubt filled testimony toward the end of her life was pretty sad. One thing we come to realize is that the greatest mission field in America is Christianity, or “The Church”. I think Paul Washer said something like that a few years ago. May there be a great harvest of souls from inside Christianity.

  4. Amen! Great posts all. And spot on Gina. It is Babylon, per say the OT Babylon’s religion….which transcended with Constantine as he made “christianity” the “religion of the state”, etc. It was there that satan used his religion and Constantine’s worship of Mithras (and the other “gods”) to “mix/merge” with “christianity”, thus as we know, leading to the development of the “church in rome”, etc. It is there where worship of the sun-god (Baal/Mithras) spawned the “hell” we see through religion today; including the “popes” (“jesus christus / potifex maximus / etc). Basically transforming it into a Roman version of Christianity. And where the crossover of idol-worship became christianized as “christmas (Christ-mass), easter, advent, etc, etc, etc). So it was nothing more than a plagarized version of “mithraism”, etc. But yes dear sister, as you pointed out it is Babylon/Baal….and unfortunately, every “denomination” (which actually means division/sect) and religious entity we see today is offspring of that babylonian decree. And as Loretta wrote in another post, even the reformation, as it “left” the “church” took all the sacraments, liturgy, homily, heirarchy, etc, etc instituted by the “church” which is in effect in every sect still to this day. But as the adage goes, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”…..thus religion. To many historical examples to list as you can trace from babylon, to catholicism, all the way down to current day religious falvors,…. as well as scripture…but catholicism (to include all world religions/denominations, etc) is nothing more than the synagogue of satan.

  5. I love your testimony, Loretta and I love that you are willing to share it with others that they may hear…or not. Wherever she ends up for eternity, your words to her were not in vain.

  6. One who walks in the Spirit has no desires to have followers, or to have others listen to him, if so, this is the rebellion of his soul-man which gravitates towards the flesh that desires the attention> he seeks to take things into his own hands and set himself up as a leader.. but guite the contrary is the spirit-man, who walks in the Spirit, with only one desire, and that is to be obedient to God….This is the battle between the soul (ownership) and the spirit (stewardship)…Remember in Luke 16 the unjust steward wasted all his goods that the Lord had given him…Why? His soul-man sought to be incharge of the vinyard, soul puffs up from pride, thus the spirit in him is quenched…The soul-man (self) becomes the busiest person in the world, and he tries to look after all matters big and small…This is what the Pharisees did, same as religion today, thus leaving him not able to walk the straight and narrow, which is the light yoke of walking in the Spirit. The way of the Spirit is light, and the way”s” of the soul are heavy (the confussion of faces)… …It is really all about trying easier. for instance when one is a believer and born of God he is already added to the church of God, by God, he is now a resident in God’s church. Why would he have need to start up or join another church? Because the soul man (self) wants to be the one who achieves (pride, ambition, and accomplishment)…And of course this fallen state of man morphs into politics and every aspect of life, this is because he loves the fruit of the tree of knowledge that feeds his soul-man. Thus the inner spirit man starves in a state of spiritual famine. All we can do is spread the gospel we can force any to come to the truth, nor does God desire us to, if we become anxious to save the world it is our soul-man in us taking over.

    peace be with you


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