status quo

Yet this you do have, that you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate. Rev2:6

“The Reformation never pulled down the Nicolaitans, those control freaks who turn relationship into religion…. I can’t fathom how generations of theologians have never seen these things. If they know doctrine so well, where does all this hierarchy and lifelessness come from? They have had their moments– gusts of conviction, showing a spine now and then– but for the most part, it’s the status quo– with an emphasis on status.” ~Paula Fether

The Reformation was not a clean break! Sure they changed some doctrines, but the Reformers made sure to keep “the System”: the Hierarchy, the Religion, the status, rank, power, abuse of authority and control. This “controlled system” neatly and conveniently eliminates the need for the work of the Holy Spirit. Clergy status is protected, laity status is maintained; the people are controlled. Jesus upset the status quo! Then after He went back to heaven, the Nicolaitans reorganized and set it up again. But the Reformers of the 1500s made sure not to upset this status quo.


6 thoughts on “status quo

  1. Excellent truths. The “reformers” let the devil leave “his bags” (i.e. “the System”: the Hierarchy, the Religion, the status, rank, power, abuse of authority and control, etc) instead of “kicking him out of the house all together”.

  2. People who are really born again by the Holy Spirit, and the man child (the church), is being born an added to daily. These are they that live out their lives manifesting the living Christ progressively in their daily walk, the real church is increased more and more because the church is measured by Jesus Christ!” Acts ch 2 And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.

    The church is no earthly address, no organization, no telephone number; not a club to join, not an effort of a world wide crusade, not a TV TBN Company etc. etc….. This Divine movement of the Holy Spirit is by way of the Cross to make Christ all and in all. When you look for an explanation why they don’t get it, the only conclusion is the unspiritual is trying to understand the spiritual. 1 Cor 2-13,14… Most encounter their own ambition and seek to save the world by out growing their proper locality (fish bowl) in which God has placed them..If left unchecked it them become susceptible to denominationalism, the mistake of Martin Luther, This is what separated William Tyndale from the Luther’s, and Calvin’s of the world which eventually over time went full circle back to Roman Catholicism…(Jesus Christ and HIM Crucified)..When then the matters of the cross and Christ are not taught the leaven grows because these results produce denominations, religious sects etc. and make a lot of legalists Pharasees who condemn and judge others which inturn lead the group of believers into the snare of exclusiveness.

    peace be with you


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