the things which remain

“Wake up!

and strengthen the things which remain..” Rev3:2

Yes He knew my deeds. He saw my Church attendance, my public ministry, my volunteer Church-work, my man-pleasing outward religiosity. I had a “good name” (reputation) as a lifelong Church-going Christian, but I was dead. That is, I was fast dying spiritually and becoming like the deadness surrounding me. I was on the fast wide road to being dead. These things were killing me spiritually. Though I was very active in a religious sense, my “deeds” were not “complete” in the sight of God; they were not measuring up with God. He was not pleased with my dead “deeds”. But then He woke me up.

So I’ve lost a few things over the last two and a half years. He separated me from them. The process of separation and loss was truthfully quite painful. But Jesus said if something makes you sin, if it causes you to stumble, CUT IT OFF… is better to enter LIFE  crippled and lame………

These are some things that He took out of my life. Religious ritual, man-made Church traditions & customs, pagan Christian traditions, Big-Name Christian Celebrity Teachers, Christian Patriotism & Nationalism, Christian Political Movements, Christian support of war and killing, Christian Zionism & Dispensationalism, Political Christendom (the Church-State Empire;Christianized Politics), Christian radio, various Christian Movements, many Christian false doctrines, Christian religiosity, Christian legalism and moral-“ism” (lists of someone’s arbitrary rules for behavior), Christian Church obligations, Church Performance-acceptance/guilt/control, Christian status quo, equating The Church (Institution) with the ekklesia people of God, equating The Church (Institution) with Christ Himself. Also I’ve been separated from Church Clothes, Church gossip, Church Politics and Church happytalk. I’ve been separated from dangerous Jezebels and Nicolaitans. I’ve been separated from Christian things that were rank idolatry in my heart (God knows what those things are). I’ve lost many things including Reputation, admiration, position (my “place in the Temple” of Churchdom), status, “friends”…..

So what is left? What are The things which remain?

Faith: I still believe.

Hope: My hope is still Jesus Christ.

Love: I still love God, my neighbor and all the brethren in Christ.

He eliminated SO many false things— substitutes—- that completely distracted me and impeded me, and prevented me from living and walking in the REALITY of HIM. He eliminated the dead things which were making me dead in spirit. He eliminated those dead things so I could return to my first Love and LIFE in Him… the REALITY in the SPIRIT rather than the outward “religious form”…….. And He is graciously helping and guiding me by His Spirit, to strengthen the things which remain.



6 thoughts on “the things which remain

  1. Loretta, your message here is a blessing. I stand with you on this. All others – pls read what Loretta is moved to say by the Spirit. And then let’s re read it a few more times until it really sinks in. Pls spread this message far & wide.

    …and then get out into the desert with the Lord for the true exodus.

    We can only love others with the Truth and thats why we do what we do.

  2. Amen. Your testimony blessed me as well. That is what Ive experienced and still am. The Lord is mercifully molding me. I’m to raise up Godly seed and in order to do so the Lord had to humble me and bring me out of a false church I dearly held on to.

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