What did Jesus do?

The first account I composed, Theophilus, about

all that Jesus began to do and teach, Acts 1:1

By: unknown.

Did Jesus command people to “Go to church”?
No; He commanded them to follow Him.

Did Jesus direct them to build synagogues and temples?
No;…He referred to Himself—not a building–as the true temple of God.

Did Jesus tell people to sell what they had and give to the church
organization and go to church?
No; He told them to sell what they had,
give to the poor and follow Him.

Did Jesus get involved in politics or try to bring about the
kingdom of God through political means?

Did Jesus try to forcefully or legally change the government or
church structure?
No; He submitted Himself to be crucified by the government
at the insistence of the church leaders.

Did Jesus stress the importance of tithing to the church?
No; He stressed the importance of justice, mercy and faithfulness..

Did Jesus say, “Find a human pastor, submit to him and follow him”?
No; He said, “I am the Good Shepherd; Follow Me.”

Who did Jesus call “Satan”?
His disciple Peter: whoever hinders another person from
going forward in what God has called them to do; whoever
has in mind the things of man rather than the things of God.

Where did Jesus say He would build His church?
On His disciple Peter: the rock-like faith of anyone who receives
and believes direct, personal revelation of truth from God.

What did Christ teach about the authority system of
the Kingdom of Heaven?
(See link.)

What did Jesus establish as His status system?
(See link.)

Did Jesus come to condemn and judge the world?
No; He came to save people from the world, to call them out of the
world and empower them to overcome the world so that they
can enter the Kingdom of God.

Did Jesus pray for the world or try to change the world?
No; Jesus prayed for believers to overcome the world and become
united with God and each other in the Kingdom of God.

Did Jesus go along with the greed and deception and pride of the
religious leaders?
No; He exposed them and called their actions evil;

Did Jesus emphasize worship(services) and church activities,
or did He emphasize obedience to God’s commands?
Obedience to God’s commands.

I found this  article HERE:


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