I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep. Jn10:11


Religious Leaders who are Climbers
have not entered by the door,(the gate) Jesus Christ.
They are false shepherds.
They have not heard His voice. They have not been called by Him.

Climbers have climbed up the ladder of Church Marketing Success.
Climbers have attended all the Marketing and Human Resource Management classes.
Climbers have taken the Business of Ecclesiology seminars.
Climbers are working on their business and marketing plans.
Climbers have goals. They are seeking to build something for themselves.

Climbers have climbed up to get over the wall, to get into the sheep pen.
(This climbing takes a lot of work! They have invested much time and effort into this endeavor.They want to see a good return on their investment.)
Climbers are climbing up the ladder. Once inside the sheep pen, they plan to build something big there.

Climbers have sought the goal of being a “Leader” over the sheep. They are not gentle and humble shepherds, they are power-status-title-money-prestige-success hungry Climbers.
They are Leaders in the worldly sense. They are Businessmen. They are CEO’s.
They are card-carrying members of the “Leadership Association”
and the “Climbers Network Inc.”.
Climbers are not shepherds, they are thieves. They have not given to
the sheep, rather they have stolen from them. They are not shepherds, they are robbers.
They do not heal, they hurt.
They have not fed the sheep the food of Truth and Life,
instead they dish out death.
Their work is in spiritual opposition to the work of the True Shepherd.

They have not given to the sheep, they have taken. They are takers. Climbers seek their own good.
“To steal, and kill, and destroy” is how Jesus put it.
The Climbers do not love the sheep.

How great the contrast of the Climbers with Jesus our Shepherd. Jesus the Giver of true food, Himself. Jesus who gives and gives and gives
to the sheep. Jesus the Giver who feeds Himself to them. Jesus the Giver who gives real Food, who gives Truth, who gives Life.
Jesus who builds up His sheep for their own good. Jesus the owner of the sheep, who lays His life down for the sheep.
The Good Shepherd loves His sheep.

Climbers take from the sheep. The Climbers strive to ascend. The Climbers climb up for themselves.
Jesus gives to the sheep. Jesus makes Himself low. He makes Himself lower and lower. The Good Shepherd lays His life down for the sheep.


5 thoughts on “Climbers

    • The climbers are degreed (formal education), titled paid religious professionals who receive much worldly profit, as well as perks and benefits and the praise from men.

      How to avoid being a climber? Be like Jesus, rather than the Pharisees. Jesus benefits the sheep. The Pharisees get benefits from the sheep. Jesus lays His life down. The Pharisees work hard to preserve their life, lifesytle and “livelihood.” Be a giver, not a taker.

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