least, last, loved.

“But many who are first will be last, and the last, first.” Mark10:31

“But many who are the greatest now will be least important then, and those who seem least important now will be the greatest then.” Mark10:31NLT

Some in the Christian Hierarchy, the Mighty, the Degreed and Titled, the Well-Esteemed and Honored, the “middle management”,the privileged, the “well-positioned”, the wealthy, the respected, the high society, the prosperous, the popular…… the well fed, well clothed and well entertained……..may one day be surprised, when my friend…….hard working, poor as dirt (almost), lonely, suffering, forgotten (by many), rejected, sometimes having gone hungry, a nobody (in the eyes of this world), who has nothing, no degree, no money, no property, no vacations, not enough gainful employment to get by, no associations with the Important Organizations, Ministries and Conferences, no book or thesis paper, no blog, no list of Christian accomplishments, no titled position, no rewards, no accolades, no dinners in his honor at nice restaurants, no time (or inclination) to debate Theology with the boys, who has seemingly done “nothing” of Christian importance in his life…. who is almost “invisible”…..who is “insignificant” in the world’s–and the Church’s– eyes….some will be surprised, when this man, shall be first.

Jesus said of such a one as he, “The last shall be first, and the first shall be last.” He also talked about “the least of these, My brothers.”
(We forget that Jesus said this about the last being first. When we remember, we reeeeeeeeeeally don’t believe it. It is just too completely *opposite* of what the world and the Church believes about status and position and honor, and how they operate.) The world, even the Christian world, may think of him as left out, least, last, little, lowly…… even a loser…………. and he is, IN THE EYES OF THIS WORLD.

But Jesus sees him. And Jesus sees him differently. He sees him living pure even though nobody is around to know about it. He hears his prayers. He sees his tears. He sees his obedience, and his humble, trusting attitude, his reverence, his worship (a life of obedience to Christ), his love for the brethren, his childlike faith, his simple acts of humble service, his good spiritual fruit.

He is a simple sheep in the flock. God sees him being the *servant* which is what Christ did and what He told us to do. God sees him doing those good things, that nobody else knows about.

He is surely one of those beloved and precious-to-God “least of these” and “last”, who shall be first in the age to come.


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