a stranger they will not follow

Again, the devil took Him to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory;and he said to Him, “All these things I will give You, if You fall down and worship me. Matt.4:8-9

“A stranger they will not follow, but they will flee from him, for they do not know the voice of strangers.” John10:5

The world loves its own.

The earth dwellers (worldlings and worldly Christians) love this world and all its antichrist ways. Their love is for the things of the world. Their allegiance is to the things of the world and the men of this world. Their desire is to participate in the geo-political and ecumenical movements of the world, to be a member of any “group” or movement that is popular and praised by men. They listen to the voices of the political-church Leaders, dead men, telling them what to do. And they follow and obey them, to help them build the kingdoms of this world.

But the sheep can discern the devil talking, with his big Plans and goals, smooth inviting words, smiles, lies, and fake “love” for all…. and the sheep do not listen, they do not heed, they do not obey, they do not follow. A stranger they will not follow. Not a wolf, or a snake or a scorpion or a goat. They listen to the voice of their Good Shepherd; they follow Him. They love Him.


12 thoughts on “a stranger they will not follow

  1. Sooo I have been compared to Jim jones and Carlton Pearson by my aunt who is an missionary in the institution church……. She thinks I am in rebellion, she believes my countanience has been changed from humble to prideful and my mom agrees, I am hurt., but God is faithful… I guess she is putting herself in the position to expose me or correct.. She wants me to give her YOUR blog name so she can see what you blog about…….I don’t see the need to give it to her but for the sake of TRUTh I do. I can’t believe this is happening but…. You know how it is.. Pray for me.. By the way could I have your email?

    • hi Rickey, that’s ironic because for me it was the opposite……. when I was your age and involved in missions (with CCC) my nonchristian (Roman Catholic) relatives thought that was a cult…… and other nonchristian relatives thought the same about the big Church i was going to…………hmmmmm interesting to ponder.

      Yes please do send her the link to my blog…… it is hopefully simple encouragement to saints that need it, and bold witnessing to saints that need it……………….yet articles before Jan. 1, 2011, are dedicated primarily to the subject of biblical evangelism and warning of apostacy in Christianity, as that was the focus of this blog from 2007 to 2010.

      Brother I have been called many bad things by unbelieving relatives (I’m trying to state that gently). I remember those stings, that pain. But we have been assured and encoraged by the Lord Jesus Himself that if this happens, we are blessed.

      Here are some verses about being blessed in being reproached, mocked, hated, etc for the sake of Christ:

      Now just recently, I have been labeled lost, an unbeliever, an heretic, a blasphemer and a few other things
      by Facebook ‘friends’ — just for observing the similarities between the Roman Catholic Church and pretty much all of Protestantism, which includes Evangelicalism, which includes the “branches” you and I were in,
      those being “Neo-Evangelicalism”, “Traditional Reformed Baptist” for me, and was it AOG for you? Something within Pentacostalism if i remember correctly?

      So now i have observed the many many similarities between the Mother and her Daughters…… and i have been labeled a rebel, unsubmissive, an unbeliever, lost, damned, on my way to hell, etc. Wow, this coming from those who “Protested” against the heresies and crimes of the RCC…… because they are doing THE SAME THING to Christians who don’t toe the line……. i’m just making this revealing observation now (these last few months)……. very sobering indeed.

      I will leave you with this verse:
      And indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.
      1 Tim.3:12.

      Many believers, saints who have gone before us, found it necessary to depart from Religion or the Church in order to follow Jesus and live godly in Him………… because they could not do so, or they did not have permission to, within the System. So they had to leave to follow Jesus and be obedient to HIM. One such example is the Anabaptists who were not a part of the RCC and they refused to join the Protestants, because they did not believe in some of their doctrines, nor many of their practices (baptizing infants which would make the babies both citizens AND a member of The Church), and they knew the Church was part of the State (which went against the teachings of Christ and was antichrist) , and they would not go along with that; they wanted to be obedient to JESUS CHRIST, and they paid dearly in their own blood for their allegiance to Him………… as they were hunted and persecuted by both Roman Catholics and Protestants. Supposed Christians (“God’s people”) killing Christians because it threatened their System…….. that is what the Pharisees(“God’s people”) did to Jesus and the first disciples in Jerusalem.


      ps i’ll email you and send my email….

  2. This post came to me after I watched a youtube video of a very popular man in politics who is now marketing himself as the Evangelical Christian “savior” who will help bring a “global solution” to the national problems we have now in our culture……. he is planning a huge Ecumenical interfaith event for the purpose of “love and world peace”……… he is a pied piper leading many undiscerning Christians into the

    One World Religion of satan….. and the Church people love it so! They love mixing politics and religion, they love thinking that their purpose is to bring service work(for the government), love, peace and harmony to the planet……. and this man is a wolf, a snake……. he is sent by the enemy, he knows what he is doing, what his mission is, to lead Christians into the satanic OWR and make them think they are serving God in so doing……… the bible says that the false teachers and deceivers will come right INTO Christianity to deceive if possible, even the very elect.

    Jesus said, ************Do not be deceived********************

    Can you guess of whom i am speaking? It does not really matter as there have been many before him and there will be many after him; he is just the satanic deceiver of the moment…………. leading many professing Christians into the arms of the devil…………… (if possible)………….. working with all kinds within Christianity, working with all the religions, working with the pope, working with the government…… working with the satanic kingdoms of this world………. pied piper……………..
    and many many Christians are going along with it, because it is a MOVEMENT and popular, and looks good, and it is the rage to be involved in “what’s happening now”……. in the world, in fake Christianity………if you don’t go along with it you will be a hater and unloving…………. but the sheep don’t listen to the voice of the lying- deceiver talking to them through a wolf-man in a sheep costume……..they listen to the voice of their Shepherd Jesus Christ.


  3. Glenn beck…..hmmmmmmmmm, you know Loretta, at one point in my life I looked up to glenn beck and gandi, but now i see what they are doing as a pawn in satans hand…
    And yes I was involved with COGIC. By the way I got baptized today!!!!! Out of no where a pastor was willing to baptize me, I have been praying about a first true baptism but didn’t know who was going to carry it out, but God made a way! (I hope they won’t try to sway me to join their church, I am still tender from the last spiritual bruising)

  4. I’m excited to hear about your baptism! What an awesome testimony and identification with our Savior’s death, burial and resurrection, and our new life in Him! I rejoice with you today.

    I have not seen or heard *anything* of Glenn Beck other than the interview he did with Kirk Cameron on his show (via youtube) and news stories about him and his wife being wined and dined by Cardinals at the Vatican recently (you know he was raised RCC), and his speech in Israel for Restoring courage, and this promo vid for Restoring Love. And that he made an appearance at the live Monumental movie event, giving his hearty endorsement…………That’s all i need to see or know.

    I pray for your spiritual and emotional healing…… which is a process that takes time
    ……. peace to you, friend.

  5. Thank you so much! And that is all u need to see or know. Lol yea that should be enough. Question, what is with this new movie of kirks? I have seen all the left behind films etc, but I haven’t been to big on this whole left behind theory lately. I heard this movie is causing some “trouble.”

  6. Amen sister! Great counsel. Also wonderful post. Love how you wrote “A stranger they will not follow. Not a wolf, or a snake or a scorpion or a goat. They listen to the voice of their Good Shepherd; they follow Him. They love Him.”

    One must break ties with the false church/harlot religon, etc to feed from the Great Shepherd instead of the leaven given to us by the false church. As we know, the LORD Himself commands us to withdraw and depart from the false church and from such people.

    I rejoice as our brother has openend that wonderful door of the Lord knocking. If I may exhort, we came from the world and then into religion only to exit such religion to finally enter into a relationship with Jesus. Beloved, it must be that way, for that is the way given to us by example of Paul and others. You see, as religion is the false/harlot church, our precious LORD and Great Shepherd allows us to go through that “season” and “path” to show us, our our wonderful sister has written above: to show us, just like the fallen world, that suh harlotry and religion has absolutely nothing to offer us but a stone and a serpent. BUT it is the case to also show us that our beloved High Priest and Father gives us bread, fish, pure water, etc for He IS the Bread from Heaven and Living Water…..and HIS sheep only nourish themselves of His purity and grace and have left the said snakes, scorpions, stones, etc. Praise the LORD for He is our exceeding great reward. The LORD’s grace and peace be multiplied unto you!!

  7. Keep up the Lords good work Loretta, I love your zeal for the Lord.

    .nchristalone,,,be blessed, you are in my prayers, as the whole body of Christ we pray for,,

    Ive got a show coming up real soon possibly even today, or tomorrow, called “Nightmare on CHURCH STREET”,, by Robert, there is also a 2nd part that will go up later this week..

    keep Jesus love and give it to others

  8. Glory to God in the Highest! Tj thank you for those words of exhortation, the Lord is truly Great. I will not be ignorant of the trials and suffering to come but Jesus is my strength. My sister also gave her life to Christ today. I am happy for the Lord is de church ing me. Sometimes it’s tough but this must come to pass. Bill, thank you for your prayer I will lift you all in prayer…bill, is this show on your blog?

  9. @ nchristalone….Yes it is on the front page…. As much as all of this is true about the fallen apostate church, we must never forget that our foundation is not built upon being against “fallen the church” or any other enemies,,….I say this only from my own experience, because I was going in that direction for awhile….,but we all must keep in focus that ,our foundation is upon the Rock Jesus Christ..I know that you all know this, so just a reminder…



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