“If we let Him go on like this, all men will believe in Him, and the Romans will come and take away both our place and our nation.”~spoken by men who wanted to save their lives. John 11:48

“Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.” Luke 17:33

“Not my will but Thine be done.” Luke 22:42

Monumental movie, pt.1
This message is a response to the video trailers for Monumental, and Cameron’s interview on the Glenn Beck show.

“I have kids in this world… and I WANT a great future for them.” ~ Kirk Cameron.

God does not want us to seek what “I want”. He does not want us to seek to save our lives; He calls us to lose our lives for His sake. We are not to seek our safety and security in this world, but only in Him. He does not want us to have one foot in the Kingdom of God and one foot in the kingdoms of this world.  He does not want us to mix the Kingdom of God with the kingdoms of this world to solve national or global problems. He does not want us to operate out of fear. He does not want us to fear what man can do but to fear Him only– and entrust ourselves to Him like Jesus did. He does not call us to try to save this nation or this world but to go into all the world as His witnesses. He came to seek and save the lost. He does not want us to seek to preserve our life but to deny ourselves and die to self, like Jesus did. He does not want us to demand what “I WANT”. He wants us to be like Jesus: “Not my will but Thine be done.” Jesus did not fight for His rights. He did not fight for His country. He did not fight to secure a “great future” (physically, culturally, socially, politically, aesthetically) for His disciples. It was the Pharisees who fought to keep their place (their proud positions of religious prominence and agreement with the Roman government; their comfortable life) and their nation (their “freedom”, their safety and standing in their political geographical country)– that was their allegiance. But Jesus’ allegiance was to Truth, and to do His Father’s will. The Pharisees fought and killed the opposition, which was Jesus. Jesus fought His will and denied Himself and killed His flesh (in His temptations to sin) by the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. He put to death His flesh (His will) and He submitted Himself, trusting Himself to His Father in heaven.

God does not want us to gain the whole world and lose our own soul, due to the sins of idolatry and believing the lie. He does not want us to seek success and solutions to national problems, He wants us to seek HIM. He did not come to impose by force, His Kingship upon the nation or the world. He came to bring His Kingship rule and reign to the hearts of His people: individual disciples that He calls OUT of the world, to follow Him. He did not enforce the Dominion rule of the Law of God over society to secure “peace and safety and liberty”. He didn’t fight to keep Church and State married together or separate. He did not work to elect “godly candidates”. He did not rally the people to fight for national “liberty and morality”. He didn’t fight to impose the moral Law of God upon society. He did not fight to keep a place of position on this earth or a security and success in the worldly corrupt political nation he lived in. Jesus continually denied Himself the “I WANT.” He lived to do His Father’s will, not His own “wants”. He did not try to save His life. He humbled Himself to do the Father’s will. He entrusted Himself to His Father. He overcame His will, His flesh, His temptations, His self, in all humility, to the point of death. He did this not through the power of the flesh, the power of the will, or the power of political and religious empires. No He did this in the power of the Holy Spirit of God.

For “Monumental Movie, Pt. 2”:  please scroll down in comments. It is posted as a comment on this post, on September 29, 2013.

20 thoughts on “I WANT

  1. Jesus, our holy example. Our Father wants us to do the things Jesus did, in the power of the Spirit. He wants us to do His will. This is pleasing to Him.

  2. ”. He didn’t fight to keep Church and State married together or separate. He did not work to elect “godly candidates”. He did not rally the people to fight for national “liberty and morality”.

    Amen sis. The WOTM was used mightilly by God in my life and I have been grieved to see some of the ways that ministry has been going in the past years and now Kirk Camerons new endevour. May God lead him away from error and back to the simple proclaiming of the Gospel of the kingdom instead of the gospel of american morality.

    Jesus bless you and your family. -Jim

  3. John 13:21 When Jesus had thus said, he was troubled in spirit, and testified, and said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me.

    Jesus was fully man as well as fully God, he had a will, a soul, and a spirit, emotions, just like all of us…. In this verse Jesus “the man” was very troubled in the spirit..This is his spirit as a man spelt with a small “s” ..Why was Jesus so troubled? Because one of his own would betray him. This brought sorrow to him…

    Kirk Cameron and the other FALSE PROPHETS are betrayers doing the same thing that Judas did, they are betraying Jesus for 30 peaces of silver, (lusts of the flesh)………Judas also got very impatient, lost faith and believe that Jesus was going to set up the new kingdom……That is exactly what these free masonic teachers are doing…..Jesus said; my kingdom is not of this world…..They still don’t get it..

    the false understanding of the 1000 yr. reign, is a fore runner to the God and country myth…It was the Christians who got Hitler elected in 1932….That’s whats coming after Obama finishes his Shiva destruction and is gone in 5 more years..The coil will spring back hard to the Christian Pharisee’s mentality….

    Rev ch 3; Christians who call themselves Christians but do lie.



  4. Ready between the lines

    Judas wanted a king to reign on earth, to conquer the Romans, and take Israel back, when the woman was anointing Jesus for His burial, that was the last straw in Judas’s mind, He discerned in his mind that Jesus was not going to set the kingdom back up, so he decided in his rebellious nature to rebuke Christ over the anointing oil, because he felt the money was being waisted, and he was a thief stealing from the treasury..If Jesus was going to be killed, then HIS ministry would end, thought Judas, and so would his job of treasury come to an end too. So he thought he might as well get another 30 peaces of silver before he was out of an occupation as treasurer. So he left angrly and thought to himself, since he is not going to set the kingdom up, and ill be out of a job , I might as well make a profit on the whole deal, while i still can….(envy, anger, greed, pride, malice)



  5. Jesus, God in the flesh, knowing all things, knew that Judas was going to go bad, as he stated at the end of John ch 6,,,,,, but it troubled Jesus the man in his spirit that one of His own would betray Him. Son of man had feelings, emotions, and great compassion for his loved ones, just as we do…He was troubled in the spirit with the death of Lazereth and the great sorrow it brought to Martha and other Jews.

    John 11:33 When Jesus therefore saw her weeping, and the Jews also weeping which came with her, he groaned in the spirit, and was troubled.

    35 Jesus wept.



  6. Greetings, this is for thedivinelyinspiredscipture I was wondering, could you (if possible) elaborate on your statement and I quote “the false understanding of the 1000 yr reign, is a fore runner to God and country myth.” I have recently left the instittional church where they talk (not really preach on) the 1000 yr reign, also I have Perry Stone DVDs etc, ( I have not taken the time to watch them…this may be a good thing ? Lol) but this is interesting, could you elaborate more? Blessing!

  7. The Pharisees religion was the satanic religion of SELF. They wanted to preserve “OUR place and OUR nation”. That is, each of them wanted to preserve “MY place and MY nation”. They rejected God, they rejected Jesus Christ because HE was about denying self an denying His will. He was about doing the will of His Father. Jesus did not worship self, did not worship the Pharisees, did not worship the nation (either Israel or the Roman Empire, which had co-mingled together). Jesus denied SELF, the Pharisees worshiped SELF. They worshiped their Place which is their lofty religious titles and cushy ecclesiastical positions. They worshiped their nation of origin (they said “We are MOSES disciples”) and they paid homage to the Roman Empire, basically agreeing to the “Caesar is lord” pledge of allegiance and agreement with them. They wanted to preserve their own skin, their income, their prominence, their position, their power, their prestige, their political clout, their prosperity, their comfortable and well-respected life. Jesus denied Himself ALL THAT, He was against ALL THAT. Jesus lived to please His Father. And that is why they hated Him and wanted to kill Him. Not because the Pharisees (as they say) they were defending, respecting and worshiping and looking out for and seeking glory of THE LORD GOD but because they were defending, respecting, worshiping and looking out for and seeking their SELF IN THIS WORLD. Jesus loved His Father, the Pharisees loved this world, and SELF.

  8. @ nchristalone,,,The 1000 years is taught on our web-site in many breakout studies if you desire to learn more, it may be helpful, but always seek God and revelation from the Holy Ghost in all matters,…. The 1000 years is the time when the true saints are ruling and reigning over sin in their life, (a royal priesthood) we are kings and priest in Christ Jesus (rev 1-6), it has been going forth for 2000 years….Most of the book of rev is not literal, it is signified in spiritual language by using symbolic terms……..the term “a thousand” is symbolic, a magnification of perfection, it is described many times in the OT, (as Gods covenant believers)…I have about 6 2 hr shows on this subject, (no credit to me, I am nothing)………. but on our blog roll there is a guy who explains it pretty well in 90 min…….

    .Its as big a hoax as the rapture…and is the forerunner for world domination in the flesh…It is new age and has only been around for about 120 years,..

    I just yesterday did a breakout study on the (Preface to the book of Revelation). Which explains much of what a reader needs to know before reading this book…It is not a literal book, John was taken away in the spirit, and saw everything outside of this earthly timeline, he was seeing the war that was raging in the spirit and was given signatures by the angel of the Lord …..

    Hope this can be of help,

    Keep Jesus love and give it to others

  9. nchristalone; I might briefly add that the apostle Peter was explaining to those that “a thousand years is as day” He was teaching them that there is no time in Gods spiritual realm…

    Jesus, nor any of the apostles ever taught of anything after the the last day, except the new heavens, the new earth, and ETERNITY in His kingdom. No not once……John 5-25 “the time is coming, and now is” is the born again resurrection in the spirit that has been going forth for 2000 years in the true remnant church of Christ…, in John 5-29 Jesus speaks of the the last day and the resurrection of the just to eternal life, and the resurrection of the unjust to damnation.. He says “the time is coming” but he does not say “and now is” like HE did in verse 25……In verse 29 Jesus. is speaking of the great white thrown judgement in Rev ch 20, and also the judgement of the sheep and the goats found in Matthew ch 25 verse 31-46… Their is only ONE resurrection on the last day, Jesus spoke of it 4 times in John ch 6…John 5-25 expresses the spiritual resurrection and quickening of the spirit, this is the born again experience of the true believers, walking in the spirit…These are the ones who are in covenant with Christ for a thousand years. All of His elect since the cross…They have spiritual power to tread upon the powers of darkness, (serpents and scorpions) and nothing shall hurt (deceive) them..


  10. See, where is this teaching at in Arkansas (numerous of people are believing the whole Left BEhind senecio ….Glory be to God , Son, Holy Spirit for the awesome and convicting Truth. I really appreciate you replying. God bless.

    P.s. speaking of God, Son, and Holy Spirit…I realize that the word TRINITY isn’t in the bible, but Christians use this word to “describe” God, SOn, Holy Spirit. Is this such a big deal, if so, why?
    (this is coming from a young brother in Christ) Blessings!

  11. And I will definitely check out your blog for more information as well as seeking the Holy spirits guidance above all!

  12. nchristalone…I will write out some answers to the so called trinity, or God’s triune nature, when i have a little free time…. It is something that man can not fully understand, but it is true, The scriptures clearly testify so… it is first described in Gen 1-26,27… Godhead is 3 times in the text..each time describing the 3 different persons of the trinity.

    Romans 1-20 is the Godhead of the Holy Ghost, acts ch 17-29 is God the Father, and Colossians 2:9 is Jesus Christ…..In Jesus Christ, dwells the fullness of the Godhead…He is the \Word, in Him dwells the Father, and the Holy Ghost…Yet there is the omnipresence of God in the invisible God, which is made up of the Word, the Father, and the Holy Spirit…No man hath seen God 1 John 4…this is the invisible God who exists in the form of 3 persons all of whom have the exact same principles…Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, How can this be? Just for one example; the omnipresence of God is expressed in John 3:13 And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.

    The last 9 words of this verse has been removed in most of the new-age bibles.

    It is one God made up of three persons..In Gen ch 1 26, God was speaking with someone in that council. He for sure was not speaking to his angels, and for sure was not speaking to himself, thus it had to have been a council between the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit…I don’t pretend to understand this; its way beyond man’s understanding, but in many, many places in the bible, it proves the triune nature of the 3 persons in God….It is very complexed but scripture does teach that it is true..


  13. Monumental Movie, pt. 2
    I forgot to post this, so i’m posting it here in comments, that way both will be in the same place.

    A Monumental false gospel.
    Monumentally misleading.
    The big statue:
    Fashioned in the sytle of the Greko-Roman gods.
    “Faith” is a daughter of Sophia (wisdom). “Good Faith” is a spirit that came out of Pandora’s box.
    The 5 point star on her forehead is satanic. It is the “star of wisdom”. This is satanic. Ask me how I know.
    The “little gods” of law, morality, education and liberty, are all pagan. They are the Masonic-Enlightenment versions of these principles.
    Colossus of Rhodes and Statue of Liberty were the inspiration for the design of this statue. Both are pagan gods and goddesses.

    The little statues:
    ‘Morality’ is moralism. It is Masonic morality. This is another gospel. A false hope.
    ‘Law’ is Enlightenment’s “natural law”, based on the “nature’s god”. This law is another gospel. (Also called justice) A false hope.
    ‘Education’ is based on the esoteric Enlightenment Masonic principle of “knowledge is power”. This is another gospel. A false hope.
    ‘Liberty’ is shown suggesting the possibility of war. It is referring to the Enlightenment liberty of Humanism.This is another gospel. A false hope.

    The entire monument is esoteric, Masonic, pagan. The project was funded by Freemasons.
    The cornerstone was laid in a Masonic ceremony by the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Mass.
    The dedication speech was given by a Freemason in which he talked primarily about Freemasonry, Freemasons and the possibility
    that maybe some of the people aboard the Mayflower were secretly Freemasons.

    This monument is not biblical, Christian or based on Jesus Christ and the gospel. It is actually an illustration of Masonic Enlightenment principles and ideals. It is pagan, occult and so so called biblical principles, mixing with pagan evil. God does not like spiritual mixing.

    The interview.
    “Strategy for national success”.
    (First time I’ve seen a Glenn Beck show segment. Let’s start with the satanic symbol on the pillows.
    Kirk Cameron says: (in video): “I have kids in this world and I WANT A GREAT FUTURE (in this world/ nation) FOR THEM.”
    Jesus said he who tries to save his life will lose it.
    Beck: “The answer is with each of us.”
    Beck says he is working on a “global approach” to the national problem that Kirk Cameron is adressing. Can anyone discern what he is saying here?
    Foster (member of the CNP): “There’s going to be a great awakening. People are going to wake up and say, ‘Look what we’ve been given. Why don’t
    we recover it, live out, so we can pass it on to other nations so they can be free too.’ ” He is talking about spreading to the nations, these “principles”.
    Beck: “They’re building a global framework unlike anything that’s ever been built before…and the trap will snap closed.”
    “There will be global chaos, but the question is, will we be strong enough to survive and pull ourselves up out of it.” — uh! hello! Can anyone hear what he is saying?

    Yes the Pilgrims who came, most were no doubt Christians. But the people who set up and dedicated this monument to them, were not.
    Beck (servant of the Vatican) and Foster (member of the CNP) are using these “principles” to draw in Evangelicals into the plan for a global set of civic laws, and a global set of moral principles to follow.
    Cameron is being used by these people, to draw in as many “Conservative Evangelicals” into the one world civic and spiritual system they are building now.

    I do not see the gospel in this Monumental message, so far. I do not hear Jesus Christ preached and exalted. All is see and hear is New Age esoteric occult Masonic lies. This is subtle bait, disguised as something biblical and Christian, to catch and decieve Christians.
    This is monumentally funny to the luciferians in politics and religion, who are posing as Christians, who are helping to build the one world religion. They are using real Christians who are decieved, to help them get the job done.

    Such a great irony. The Evangelical Church and all of apostate Christianity is being recruited to help complete the plan for the one world religion. Jesus tol d us to not be deceived. But unsuspecting, undiscerning Christians are actually helping the satanic antichrist plan for the earth.

    “Would that I had the power to bring to your minds the vision as it unfolds before me! I see all denominational emphasis set aside…I see the church molding the thought of the world as it has never done before, leading in all great movements as it should. I see it literally establishing the Kingdom of God on earth.”
    John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

    Is the “national treasure” that the movie will desclose, that will save America, the Masonic ideals and principles of this monument? Is this the solution to “save America” offered by the “Christian leaders” who are promoting this movement? At this point (before seeing the movie) it looks like the message is “war may be necessary”, Nationalism, Reforming Government, Right-wing Political activism, “save America”, “take America back for God” and Theocracy. Untimately saving Americ and making it conform to “God’s principles”, is a form of Theocratic Dominionism. Besides all this, it fits in with the global plan for the world. Glenn Beck spoke of the “global framework” that is being built now. The faith, morality, law(justice), education and liberty reccommended in this statue can work nicely for those who have a luciferian “one world” faith, morality, law, education and liberty planned that the whole world can agree to. This new set of Global moral principles and International civic laws would work for all “Christians”, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Wiccans who wish to agree to it.

    Freemasons and other proponents of global religion, global government, and global law, may have principles and strategies for success. But they don’t have Jesus Christ. They don’t have the gospel. They don’t have the power of God.

    Jesus did not give us principles and strategies for proven success, for political and civic freedom, but He did give us specific commands.
    And He gave us HIMSELF. HE gave us His Spirit, and His promises.

    This movement is a monumental delusion. A deception.
    This message is monumental false gospel. A false hope.

    Jesus said, “Do not be deceived.” He told us about those who come speaking and looking like a Christian, but bringing deception. He said, “Do not go after them.”




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