I heard another voice from heaven, saying, “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not participate in her sins and receive of her plagues..” Rev18:4

One of the reasons God took me out of the religion of Protestant Evangelical Christianity is because it is not much different from the Roman Catholic religion. It is not much different from the world. It is as if Protestantism and Evangelicalism are just offshoots or “branches” of Babylonian and Roman paganism. He has called me out of the world and out of the pagan religions. I do not want to honor Babylonian rituals in the false Christian traditions. I do not want to sit facing East, watching the sun rise, worshiping the gods of Babylon. I do not weep for Tammuz or celebrate the Babylonian goddess Ishtar. He has called me to come out of Babylon. I do not want to practice all this paganism anymore. Why? Simply, my heart has been changed by Him.


25 thoughts on “Out

  1. “God took me out of the religion of Protestant Evangelical Christianity is because it is not much different from the Roman Catholic religion.”

    Wow…what an incredibly bold thing to say Loretta. I almost spit my lemonade out all over the computer screen –

    And, yet, it is a statement that I have been suppressing within for some time now. My family and I attend a SBC church and it is getting more and more frustrating for me personally to “see” and “hear” Rome in worship and sermons. When I try to explain this to friends and family, I sometimes get that blank look back at me as if I had a third eye or something.

    Great quote. Great post.

    Soli Deo Gloria

  2. Hi Wayne. I had so many emotions reading your comment. First, glad relief, since I was bracing myself for maybe hearing, “You heretic!” or something like that if you were upset by what I said. Second, the lemonade remark made me laugh! Then I felt sad for you going through this frustration over what things are being said and done in your Church. I also felt, “I can relate to what you are going through!” One of the reasons why you get the blank stare if you try to share what you see and hear (and how it looks and sounds like Rome) is because of the traditions that the Church has and loves and would not think of doing without. Traditions that come from Rome. Traditions that come from Babylon. Traditions that are cultural. Traditions that are contrary to the words of our Lord Jesus. Traditions that pretty much nullify the word of God.

    Let’s keep in touch more, brother!
    Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ,

  3. Hey, kids, don’t leave me out! 🙂 Though I am not a pure bred “baptist” at heart, the church I attend is “baptist” but that does not take away from the richness of the heartfelt worship of God in singing the hymns of old, heartfelt prayers being lifted up, Spirit filled gospel inclusive expository preaching of God’s word, communion given and taken in serious manner, fellowship of the saints , etc. (Not to mention we are literally “evangelistic” as our church, from the pastor on down, is actively and boldly bringing the Gospel of Christ to the streets of Ottawa on a regular basis.)

    We are of reform persuasion but we call ourselves “Christian” not “Calvinist”. Unless I am somewhat deluded (no comments from the peanut gallery) we are NOT traditional in any sense of the word, Romish being the farthest from our practice. Lord’s Day mornings are the highlight of my week.

    I would be interested in knowing what kind of things go on say for instance in your SBC church, Wayne, that show traces of Rome in your services. I would truly be concerned, as well, if they did exist.

    Interesting post, Loretta. I’m curious to know if you attend a church for services and fellowship. Unless I have missed it somewhere along the line, I honestly don’t know. Do you actually go to a place? Or do you worship at home? And because you cannot ‘hear’ me ask this, I am only curious and not in any way trying to be judgmental. I admire and respect your thoughts along with your boldness to present them.

    Jesus bless you,


    Wayne: I hope, at least, your church has a confessional box for you to go in so you can confess that you sinned by wasting all that good lemonade without regard to the millions of thirsty people in Africa…sinner! :D)

    • Paul! I love you bro, and appreciate our fellowship. I really must get to my work at home, I’ll try to reply later as soon as i can! It would take a while to answer your question. Thanks, have a good day. It is goregeous out here, 70 degrees, sunny, birds chirping, bulbs blooming, trees budding. Jesus bless you too! love, Loretta

      • Hi Loretta,

        Absolutely NO RUSH! These days I have only a very small window of opportunity to do anything at all given my new work schedule which will hopefully last only until the end of April. Please, take your time.

        And thanks for the weather report. We are presently getting buried in snow (albeit it’s a beautiful sight). Must be nice in paradise. :D)


  4. Hi Loretta!
    You said “It is as if Protestantism and Evangelicalism are just offshoots or “branches” …to which I say AS IF? They ARE! Mystery Babylon is The Mother of Harlots, who else are these harlot daughters but the unfaithful (anything but virgin/pure) churches? They went out from her (Mother Church) but she was always in their hearts (doctrines/traditions) and now they are coming back home. It’s everywhere. What churches or religious leaders anymore reject Rome and the Pope? FEW there be.

    • hi Gina, yes, this is exactly what I was subtly (or not so subtly) suggesting. Those working on “Convergence” (who came in from outside and are working from within) have different strategies and “flavors” for the Neo-Evangelical camp and for the “Reformed/ “Baptist” camp, etc. I call it the “No Church left Behind” policy for easing dialectically in doctrine & practice toward a owr. Many hope their spiritual safety is in “their Church” and make IT their hiding place. But the only spiritual safety is in Christ. He is the only hiding place. Thanks Gina!

  5. Brother Paul!

    Love you man; thanks for calling me out 🙂

    I think traces are the right word, Paul.

    I see the “Sinner’s Prayer” as one of my biggest issues that resembles Rome. You know how it goes; “Say this prayer along with me..(recite prayer)…if you said that prayer, and really, really meant it from your heart, then God definitely saved you.” We tell people to say a prayer and then, as Paul Washer has said in the past, “Pope-ishly” declare them saved. Kind of like give me three hail Mary’s and your sins are forgiven young man.

    It may be me, but I am seeing people view Baptisms and the Lord’s Supper as commitment things as opposed to a means of grace.

    Also, again, may be me, but a lot of “good” baptists are confusing “works” and gospel. What I mean by that is that I see so many people in church freaking out if they are not doing enough _______(fill in the blank) for the Lord. People want to seem to make the gospel all about them and what they can do for God as opposed to what God has already done for them. All about them instead of it being all about Him.

    And, of course, the SBC, along with the leadership at my church is strongly synergistic and would be aghast at the idea of monergism.

    By the way Paul….”the richness of the heartfelt worship of God in singing the hymns of old, heartfelt prayers being lifted up, Spirit filled gospel inclusive expository preaching of God’s word, communion given and taken in serious manner, fellowship of the saints , etc. (Not to mention we are literally “evangelistic” as our church, from the pastor on down, is actively and boldly bringing the Gospel of Christ to the streets of Ottawa on a regular basis.) We are of reform persuasion but we call ourselves “Christian” not “Calvinist”. ”

    ….I could hope to find a glimmer of that kind of fellowship down here. I would come and visit your fellowship, but the commute would break my bank –

    Thanks for giving me some space Loretta!

  6. “I see the “Sinner’s Prayer” as one of my biggest issues that resembles Rome”

    The clergy-laity system and allience with governments of the world are other huge ones. It is the very spirit of rome at work – sadly even among some true believers. That is why the call of heaven is for the elect to come out of her.

    In Christ -Jim

  7. Hey Loretta, all of this has been in my mind and I have even tried expressing it to my mom and friends and like wayne said they just stare at me like I have a third eye. I haven’t been to church in a while and I am wondering how do I approach my pastor about the issues I have. I have literally sat in church during praise service wanting to cry because it all seems like a show.
    Me and a friend discussed a issue I had with something my pastor told me to tell a gentlemen I brought to church with me (trying to witness and disciple) when He told me to tell him not to wear short pants in church anymore, I felt that this was completely wrong but my friend that I discussed this with thinks it was perfectly fine. And I’m looking like o.O you can’t be serious. But its those kind of man made doctrines that is keeping me from that church. What do you say about this..I am aware this is not an advice Columns but I pray the Lord will shine some light on this.

  8. hi Rickey, are you living at home with your parents? I have a feeling I may be old enough to be your mother as they say. : ) I don’t mind questions at all, all I can do is tell you what has happened in my life, and also, what God has shown me.

    First of all, am not sure about “approaching your pastor” on the issues you are concerned about. You may want to get advice from the men (in Christ, brothers) about such issues of ecclesiastical proper procedure. My experience is that the “clergy” want to and will, more than anything, defend the traditions and their doctrines, and the System, and their Church. My conviction is that a believer is well to go straight to the Lord Himself in prayer, and ask *Him* about all these issues that you have. Go to be alone with the Lord, and seek Him and ask Him. He reveals Truth to those who love Truth. He opens eyes to see. He will show you. Then when He shows you or tells you something, obey Him and follow His lead.

    I have also spent many a “service” crying or wanting to cry because of the deep disturbance, confusion and distress of what was going on, what was said and not said. I have been there.

    So let me get this straight: you brought a friend that you are witnessing to and discipling, to Church. The pastor later tells you to tell him not to wear shorts to Church anymore. Yes I unfortunately have firsthand experience with this exact thing. Jesus wants us to conform to Him, not to Church traditions and rules. The Holy Spirit leads us to please Christ through inner spiritual transformation and growth as He leads by His Spirit (yes of course this effects our outward life. Of course He wants us to be modest and cover our bodies but He did not leave us with a dress code. Saints all over the world, wear different outfits. Some wear tshirts and shorts with no shoes. It is cultural and economic as far as what clothes people have and wear.)

    The Church often wants us to please them through outward behavior determined by them. Jesus Christ leads His sheep and wants us to follow Him, and His Word. Often clergy want us to follow their customs. Jesus is concerned with inner righteousness which is pleasing to Him, but often clergy and Church want you to conform to their code of what makes you look on the outside like you are righteous, ie dress code, which is pleasing to them. The truth is, dress code is legalism, as if dressing a certain way makes you holy, which is false.

    If you must choose between traditions, religious obligation, legalism, Church rules, outward forms of righteousness, and conforming to institutional customs, AND, LIFE IN CHRIST…… let me tell you, the latter is much much better. It is the difference betweeen fake and real.


  9. Bless you Loretta! Thank you soo much. You are completely right. That’s exactly how I see the issue. Thanks for the heads up on praying instead of trying to speak to the clergy. And yes I am living with my mother lol. ( so shamed jk)… And the end result of me discipline him didn’t go well, after the first semester of college he didn’t want to come back.

  10. Amen! Gina and Loretta, spot on and thanks for the plainness of speech in such edification. “They went out from her (Mother Church) but she was always in their hearts (doctrines/traditions) and now they are coming back home.”

    Beloved people and sheepfold of the Christ, Jesus, the True and Only Shepherd, THE Bishop of our Souls….there is no pulpit, no pews, no steeples, no stained glass windows, no “senior pastors,” no “assistant pastors,” no boards, no committees, no tithes, no church buildings, no church choirs, no worship leaders, no worship teams, no professional staff, at all in the pages of the New Testament. As Gina so directly eluded, that is merely the seed of Satan as instituted through his great whore. Jesus Himself never gave such “teachings” to His original disciples/apostles, nor did those holy men teach such as moved by the Holy Ghost. There is the priesthood of all believers who are to build up and edify one another by acts of love and service for one another and by the giving up of our own lives for the sake of Him and His Sheep. There is a plurality of experienced leaders who lead by example and watch over the flock in love and concern. There is a total freedom in Christ Jesus that just is not to be found in the modern traditional/institutional “church.” Break loose the shackles of your Babylonian captivity and return to God in spirit and in truth! Jesus, as in His awesome simplicity, clearly says “COME TO ME….LEARN FROM ME…LEARN OF ME” He alone is the Living Water and Bread, such precious nutrition for our every being. As John said on the Isle of Patmos (who was exiled there for preaching the word of God and the testimony of Christ Jesus) “And he carried me away in the Spirit to a mountain great and high, and showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God.” That is what we must be about…the Holy City – JESUS Himself, not traditions and protocol…but that precious freedom in Jesus. Spirit and Truth!

    Loretta has capture this beautifully in: https://witnessingencouragement.wordpress.com/2011/11/07/mystery-history/

  11. If you are old enough to be his mother Loretta then you are old enought to appreciate my encoiuraging you by saying, “Right On, Sister!!!”

    To answer for you the question asked by Paul Latour, he need only to read your many prior posts addressing the question, as well as these verses:

    For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

    The next would include “Lead Pastor” Senior Pastor” ad nosium…please see how Paul and the Apostles greeted one another, including Philip, Stephen,…
    9And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven. 10Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ. 11But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant. 12And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted. Thus Undershepherds of jesus’ flock pour themselves out as Paul and the rest of the Apostles did, not build for themselves flesh flocks to shear.

    See also Matthew 20:25, Mark 10:42 and look at the context…Also please research the “Deeds of the Nicolaitans” and 3 John and Diotrophese among others.

    We love people who love Truth, and appreciate you Paul, as this is in no way an attack upon you, friend.

    And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16:18

    There is ONLY one body of called out believers, and the gates of hell have never and will never prevail against, though appearences will be deceiveing. Jesus puts us in it, and no man. The “sinners prayer” is tantamount to a man making a decision for Jesus, and Him being obligated to respond to the sinner! This is by definition another gospel which a Lead Pastor/hireling/false prophet for profit then popishly declares the sinner in the kingdom…then quickly does a satanic “spiritual gifts assessment” on him to plug him in to that system. The True Gospell says NOBODY comes to Jesus except that the Father draws them, via the conviction by the Holy Spirit as the true gospel is taught! That system which is false is not a broken system, it is the very system Satan uses to plant tares among the wheat, such that today, Satan co-opts entire fields and plants tares only, while forcing out what little wheat had remained in the apostate system!!! This is the great falling away, and it represents 95+% of denominational churchianity!!!

  12. Amen, Mickey

    Churchianity “aka” religion is built upon the concept of killing people for Jesus, and building the kingdom now…………. its been that way for 1700 years.

    Peace be with you

  13. Amen my sister. I understand what you are saying…. To me the church in Acts is the one true church that Jesus built and those that follow the apostles doctrine are part of the one Lord one faith one baptism as says the scriptures… thanks for a fine blog

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