With Him Outside the Camp

Therefore let us go to Him outside the camp……Heb.13:13

So now we are with Him on the outside. We heard Him calling that we may follow Him, that we may have and know Him, and not a Substitute. He has called us to go to Him, our High Priest, outside The Camp. This is where He suffered. This is where He made atonement, as an offering of sacrifice. This is where He sanctified us through His blood, and consecrated us to Himself. This is where He is!

“The camp” is not the world; we have already separated from that. The camp is Religion, tradition, custom, outward form, institutionalism, church-playing, self-righteousness, hypocrisy, Churchianity-as-Religion in all it’s vain glory, and, our fleshly desires for all the worldly things that IT can offer to satisfy our “self”. The wilderness He brings us to is away from the crowds of people, away from the religious system, away from The Substitute and “image” of what is real in Christ.

So here we are with Him in the wilderness, getting reacquainted. I am finding that I must take time to just rest here with Him a little while. Yes we have come out of religion, but there is much religion inside of us that must be removed from within. It is a detoxing of sorts, a time of internal cleansing. We can’t follow Him with such heavy baggage. He will cleanse it out of us. His burden is light! And we need our arms free to take up our cross and follow Him along the narrow way. He shall unburden us of all that clutters and stumbles the simple walk of faith with Him. And so the process of de-Churching commences. This shall take some time to get it out of us; after all, we have lived in ‘Babylon’ all of our lives.

6 thoughts on “With Him Outside the Camp

  1. Now I see why they were so fond of organizing “camp meetings.” LOL
    It is truly a blessing to walk in one accord with you, dear sister, even though we are seperated by some 2,000 miles, over land. His ekklesia is was and always will be fine, thanks to His Work in us.

  2. “Many talk of ‘the dear Lord Jesus,’ and His birth and death, and are filled with an enjoyment which they think is of God, or they weep tears over the sufferings and the Cross of Christ, but all these things pass smoothly through their souls, and leave no trace behind. For their love is a love of the enjoyment of their own feelings, and not a love of God. Outside things have touched their hearts, and the inner truth has never reached them. But natural love, and divine love, look often so much alike, it is more than easy to mistake the one for the other.

    If it is natural love and enjoyment, such a man will drag himself away with a great effort from the things of the world. But if it is divine love, it will be as though he can see no longer, for the glory of the light that has shone down upon him, for the natural eye is darkened by the radiance of the glory. And when this has happened to a man it does not exalt him, but casts him down, and he fades away as it were into his own nothingness. Thus can we know that it was the light of God.

    And at last, after all this, the Lord in His grace, who loves them as a tender mother loves her child; who knows the mortal sickness of their souls, as a wise physician who cannot be deceived — the Lord, in His great mercy, ofttimes opens their blind eyes, and then they fall down and say, ‘My sins are more in number than the sand of the sea, I have sinned against Heaven and before Thee,’ and the grief and agony of their souls are such that words cannot tell them.

    And it is then, dear children, that they are near to the door of the Lord’s great grace, and He welcomes them into the bride-chamber of His beloved Son. He heals and binds up the wounds of the broken-hearted. He fills them with His joy, with the riches of His consolation.

    Dear beloved, when this has happened to a man, when he has been brought into the gladness and the glory of that wedding-feast, of that high festival, then to him are earthly festivals, religious sacraments, temples, churches, mere shadows amongst the things that are past away. He rejoices no more in Christmas, nor in Easter, nor in any feast-day in the calendar, nor in any “church service”, or flesh-pleasing “churchianity’ of man’s traditions; but he rejoices every day in the high festival of God’s marvellous and surpassing love! Whatever day of the year it may be or whatever location he finds himself, in that day and at that place all festivals meet, and are complete with the fulness of joy. For ONE greater than the temple is here!! He is risen and shall return again very soon”

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