Meeting Together

and let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near. Heb10:24-25

Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing. 1Thes5:11

I bump into people from the two Institutional Churches I was in for 26 years. The very first thing they ask me is where I am “going to Church”. I tell them, “The church in the wilderness”. They always say, “Huh?, Where is that Church? Never heard of it”.

God has called us out from the world to follow Him; to be with Him on His bountiful pastures, where He cares for us as the good Shepherd.

At various times, He arranges for us to come together in the assembly with others. Here is where I have been “assembling together with one another”.

At the outdoor cafe with a precious saint who loves Jesus and desires to walk with Him.

On the phone in the middle of the night for an hour with a sister who is confused and distressed about what is going on at her Institutional Church.

Sitting at my kitchen table with my husband, comforting a brother in the Lord who is devastated and heartbroken almost to the point of despair, due to intense personal suffering, sorrow and trials. He is ignored by the people at the Institutional Church.

Chatting poolside about what the Lord is doing in our lives, with a friend I have not seen in two years, while our kids swim.

Having lunch with my dear girlfriend while sharing with each other about the painful reality of what the Lord is allowing in our lives in order to sanctify, purify, refine, prepare and separate us unto Him in unwavering devotion.

On a few blog sites and internet radio podcasts I’ve found which help, edify and encourage.

Via email with brothers and sisters I have “virtually met” all over the globe who love and follow Jesus.

On the street with saints God arranges for me to meet when I’m out talking with people in the community.

On Skype with brothers and sisters in different states.

In a living room in a house in my city.

In a living room two hours away, with a dozen believers from different cities, for a dozen hours of amazingly edifying fellowship!

In my car with four people while we drive for an hour and a half to meet some other believers for a time of mutual encouragement, and taco truck tacos, eaten while sitting on the ground.

In my car driving, talking for hours, on a road trip with my daughter.

11 thoughts on “Meeting Together

  1. Hi, Loretta . Do you think all churches are bad ? I’m glad to say that I have a good home church. I know that as the Body of Christ, we are the temple of God; but we do need to hear good preaching and have fellowship with other believers. I know that there are some churches that I can’t feel comfortable at, but there are still some houses of worship that represent the truth. Thanks.

  2. Hi Scott, glad to meet you. This is a huge topic, probably one that takes several conversations to even scratch the surface. First, I know you know that we are the church, and yes like you said, we are the temple of God. As this post describes, there are many ways to have fellowship with other believers. But the most important thing is to have fellowship with God.We have fellowship with others, we have fellowship with “Church” but do we have fellowship with God? And as far as preaching, I have learned more manna and meat in the last two years “outside the camp”, than in 26 years of being in Evangelical Churches. (I was also in the completely apostate RCC before I became a Christian at age 17.) Of course, by now just about everybody realizes that we are deep into the flood of apostacy. The thing is, it is not just “those other people”, and “that other Denomination” that is apostate. We tend to think “our Church” is perfectly pure; the only “right” one in all matters of doctrine and practice. This is where many of us were deceived, including myself in the past. I saw the apostacy happening “over there” with “those people” in the other camps of Christianity…. bu I did not see, until later, that “my” Church or my particular corner of Christianity (Evangelicalism) was not going to be excused from the apostacy. The truth is, there is false teachings, false doctrines, false traditions and apostacy of every kind, even in “my Church”. But God had to open my eyes to that. It was not something that anyone taught me, it was something He revealed to me after He literally called me out. Then I began to SEE where this System is described in scripture– it is all over– i repeat– all over the entire bible, particularly the NT where it is more significant of course for us. Of course this is not taught in Church. God’s Spirit can show it to you though and then it will be so obvious.

    I believe that Churches or houses of worship as you call them, do not represent truth, but that Jesus IS Truth.

    I believe there are two churches. First there is The Church (Gk cirke/ kirke). That is the Institutional Church. I have capitalized it because it has a name for itself and it thinks itself quite significant/ important. It is a System, a Thing, and has within it, false Christians (false converts) and true Christians (ekklesia, the redeemed).

    Then there is the church (Gk ekklesia), the called out ones, the church of God. They are the sheep, the ones who are following Christ, the redeemed etc. Some of these are in the Churches, some have been called out.

    Instead of writing a dissertation, I’ll pose some questions, just food for thought.

    Does the “good home Church” in question:

    -teach false doctrines? Are you sure about that?
    -Focus on money, tithing, giving to the Church, getting a bigger building?
    -want everyone to come in to it?
    -Have contracts, agreements, involvements with the kings and governments of the earth?
    -seek political power? Ecclesiastical power?
    -have clergy who try to lord it over the flock, controlling, acting as lords and popes over the laity?-
    -have titles for the “leaders”?
    -love entertainment, a good party, joining the fun of the world, bringing the world in to the Church?
    -praise it’s men (leaders), praise itself (their Church)?
    -promote men (leaders/ pastors) and their Church?
    -operate only by the leading of the Spirit, or does it utilize Humanism, marketing, Psychology, and manmade programs?
    -does it claim that IT is the gateway to God ? That IT is the way to be saved? That salvation is through required allegiance to IT?
    -does it have New Age doctrines and practices being incorporated?
    -does it encourage the people to worship ethnic groups or political nations?
    -does it have the people participating in pagan holidays and traditions?
    -is is putting the bondage of old testament style rules (legalism) onto the people?
    -does it want the people to conform to IT?
    -does it want the people to serve IT?
    -does it want the people to make their allegiance and loyalty to IT?
    -does it lie?
    -is it proud, self confident and boastful?
    -boast in it’s knowledge and “goodness”?
    -does it love to mix with the world and be approved and admired by the world?Wants praise of men?
    -does it want to rule over God’s people, desiring the people submit to IT?
    -does it want to be famous, get bigger, build higher, and be esteemed in the community?
    -does it boast of it’s sound preachers and theology?
    -does it expect the poor widows and single mothers to pay THEM????
    -do they give money to the poor widows, single mothers and poor families among them? (I’m talking brothers and sisters in Christ who are needy.)
    -does it have NO LOVE for hurting Christians?
    -does it not love the truth? Does it get angry when confronted concerning truth?
    -does it defend itself? Does it protect itself at all costs? Does it do damage control to protect its image?
    -does it have secrets and corruption and dirty politics that it tries to hide from the people?
    -does it direct people to IT rather than to Jesus Christ?
    -does it put people in bondage to IT rather than preaching liberty in Christ to them?
    -tell the people they are not a Christian unless they submit to Church?
    -does it make agreements with the government instead of proclaiming that Jesus is Lord to them?
    -does it sell its merchandise for money, making merchandise of the flock?
    -does it want to shut up (kill) anyone who might be operating in a prophetic way? Does it deny the priesthood of all believers and decree that only the clergy have the right to be “priests”? Does it want to make sure no one threatens their business incorporation?
    -does it kick you out if you dare to bring up scripture that they never want to touch?
    -does it lie, bragging that they teach the “whole counsel of God” while not touching entire books of the bible in 25 years?
    -does it shun you if you do not conform?
    -does it reward you if you serve them well?
    -it is more about promoting Their Church and getting people to come to Their Church, more than going out and seeking the lost and reaching them with the gospel? Is their idea of evangelism passing out flyers inviting people to Their Church?
    -boast of their good social works they do as a Church?
    -want the people to follow and obey them rather than follow and obey Christ?
    -love their traditions more than people?
    -do they want members to commit to paying money to Their Church? Do they have contracts to make members commit to them (make a covenant with them) to being loyal paying customers?
    -justify and defend itself?

    of course there are more……………. this Thing, this System…… is the fulfillment and/ or repeat of many scriptures, and it is not good. Perhaps those scriptures are coming to mind, now.


    • Hi, Loretta. Thanks for your reply. I wanted to see what you believed. Many churches are like what you described. I’ll have to answer no to all those questions. I attend a small, independent, holiness church. My pastor encourages us to grow closer to the Lord and go deeper in our spiritual. We do not advertise or promote that we are the only church. Thanks, again, for taking the time to reply. God bless.

  3. Amen! Very nice sister. In fact, I was recently “encouraged” by a “pastor” / co-worker because he was concerned for me because he noticed that I had “fell out of church…” I simply told him, with overwhelming joy, that I had not “fell out of church”…but instead I had heard and followed Jesus into the wilderness outside of the camp. He’s still scratching his head and I’ve never been talked about so much 🙂

  4. Scott-

    You said “but we do need to hear good preaching and have fellowship with other believers.”.

    I once did a quick through the New Testament (focus on Acts) and found that preaching was mainly an apostolic function for church planting and we do not find preaching taking place at the weekly meeting. Teaching is you sitting with other believers, on level ground as a brother, using your gifting to edify the body of Christ. This is different than standing at a pulpit and lecturing. I know there are still a few Godly men that preach from a pulpit, but it is quite outside the new testament norm and helps perpetuate the false clergy laity system.

    God bless -Jim

    • This truth you have shared Jim is hard for the brainwashed to understand. It takes FAITH in God to let the Holy Spirit be in charge of our being “fed”, “edified”, “educated”, “matured”, instead of mankind…or even instead of our books that we cling to.

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