My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away. Song2:10

There is no pure light of truth on the inside. The candles have been extinguished. There is “light” but it is mostly a false, manufactured light. There are shadows cast on the walls; some truth mixed with lies. And there is no warmth of real love inside; the ‘love’ is also manufactured. The manmade walls are luxurious but are hard stone. You hear the noisy voices echo off the walls. It is cold inside. And dark. As you look out the window you hear a lot of bustling activity behind you. Men are making these things happen. They want something from you. They want you to help them make it work. Because they love their Thing.

Your Beloved is standing on the other side of the wall. He is looking through the windows, He is peering through the lattice looking for you. He has come to get you. His voice is clear and gentle. He is inviting you to come out to be with Him. Outside, with Him, it is spring. It feels warm. You see the light. There are flowers in the field. There is grass on the hills. The grape vines are blooming. There is fruit on the tree. There is light of truth and warmth of love with Him. He is making all these things happen. He wants to give you something. He is pouring out His Life as a beautiful gift, to provide for you. Because He loves you.

One thought on “contrast

  1. They want you to help them make it work. Because they love their Thing.

    They must get people plugged in to the thing. That way they will feel a sense of loyalty and pride over the thing. They will sacrafice time and money for the thing. They will protect the thing. The thing becomes their god. -Jim

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