Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, To the saints who are at Ephesus and who are faithful in Christ Jesus…Eph.1:1

What and who are we faithful to?

Faithful to attend Church, or faithful to the covenant relationship we have with Him?
Faithful to tithe, or faithful to help the needy brethren amongst us?
Faithful to dress up to impress people, or faithful to be clothed in the righteous acts that the Lord has prepared for us?
Faithful to all the Church traditions or faithful to Christ?
Faithful to help preserve the status quo, or faithful to do the will of the Lord?
Faithful to love and serve the System or faithful to love and serve the saints?
Faithful to the flesh (antichrist-physical-political) Israel, or faithful to the spiritual Israel; the blood bought redeemed saints, our brethren in Christ?
Faithful to the worldly political-religious kings; the “Holy Roman Empires” of our time, or faithful to our King, the Son of God, whose Kingdom is not of this world?
Faithful to follow the fads of Pop-Churchianity or faithful to follow Christ?
Faithful to ecclesiastical “leaders” or faithful to the Holy Spirit?
Faithful to argue in defense of our favorite theologian, or faithful to preach Christ crucified?
Faithful to donate to the building fund or faithful to bring the gospel to the lost?
Faithful to publicly performing Moralistic Therapeutic Deism or faithful to privately perceiving the voice of the Shepherd and obeying Him?
Faithful to ‘Do Religion’ or faithful to keep Christ’s commandments?
Faithful to Social-Cultural-Political Institutional Christianity, or faithful to our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ?


6 thoughts on “faithful

  1. I love this Loretta. Thank you for your continued witnessing through your site, as I like to pass these on, regardless of the no response from my loved ones and friends. But, this is an urgent matter …. it is life.
    Keep them coming,

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