Who is this?

“Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning on her beloved?” Song. 8:5

She is called to arise and come along. In the secret place her voice is heard. She seeks to be with Him at night when everyone else is asleep. He is calling her to come away with Him. She holds on to Him and will not let Him go. Her love is beautiful to Him. Her love is better than the wine of words and mere “talk”. The fragrance of the oil of the Holy Spirit in her is better than the spices of many outward self- applied “works”. He is pleased with the fragrance of her garments; indeed she is wearing His own righteousness as a robe. She is a garden spring, a well; streams of living water spring up and flow out of her. He loves and desires her. She hears His voice. He stands at the door and knocks, asking: “Open to Me”. Later she disregards Him and she regrets it. She opens the door He is gone. She looks for Him. He is shepherding His flock! His desire is for her. Now she calls for Him…She goes with Him out into the country, seeking communion with Him far away from the crowds. There in the quiet wilderness she gives Him her love.

The crowds have been quite unaware of all this. Everyone in town wonders, as they see her emerge, leaning on her beloved, “Who is this?”


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