Praying for you

“I do not ask Thee to take them out of the world, but to keep them from the evil.” John 17:15

“Sanctify them in the truth; Thy word is truth”. John 17:17

“And for their sakes I sanctify Myself, that they themselves also may be sanctified in truth.” John 17:19

I pray you will glorify the Son of God and that you will finish the work that God has given you to do. I pray you will manifest His name to the others that the Father has also given to the Son. I pray you will keep His word. I pray you will receive and understand all the words of Jesus. I do not pray for the world, but I pray for you, dear brothers and sisters, for you are Christ’s. The Father has given you to Him. I pray Christ is glorified in you. I pray you will be kept in His Name. I pray you will be one even as the Father and the Son are. I pray you will have His joy full in yourselves. You have been given His word and the world hates you. But you are not of the world even as He is not of the world. I do not pray for God to take you out of the world, but that you will be kept from the evil. I pray you will be separated  by the truth. I pray you will be separated by His word. (You will not be removed from the earth but you will be separated from others in it.) Like the Father sent Jesus into the world, you are being sent into the world to speak truth to it. Again I pray that you will be sanctified; separated unto Christ in truth. I pray not for you alone but for all the saints of God worldwide. I pray you all will be one in Jesus Christ our Lord. He is in you. You are in Him. He loves you. Christ is in you. The love of the Father is in you. You will soon be with Him. You will behold His glory.


7 thoughts on “Praying for you

  1. This is SO encouraging and uplifting. Are you in topical cahoots with my pastor? We just finished the last of a 3 part Bible study on John 17 a couple of days ago. I wish we coudl go on for weeks on end in it. The Lord blessed us with such rich teaching on this through our pastor. So humbling, moving and awesome to meditate (you know what i mean) on. This post was a nice capper. I thank the Lord for you, sister. I’m praying for you, as well.

  2. Paul, God bless you. I have a lot in my heart from the Lord that I feel an urgency to get out “on paper” for my brothers and sisters. Not all of it is uplifting though. Thank you brother Paul for your prayers. Our Lord is praying for us, and He leads us to pray for one another, how sweet it is.

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