Zion will be Plowed

Therefore, on account of you, Zion will be plowed as a field, Jerusalem will become a heap of ruins, And the mountain of the temple will become high places of a forest. Micah 3:12

The leaders and rulers of False Christianity who abhor what is right and twist everything that is straight (such as the gospel), build the Church with things God hates. They rule and teach for a price. The false prophets divine for money. Yet they claim, “Is not the LORD in our midst? Calamity will not come upon us!” Therefore, on account of them, the Visible Church will be plowed up as a field (overturned!). Institutional Churchianity will become a heap of ruins, and their personal kingdoms will become as the “high places” in the forest where witchcraft is practiced.


3 thoughts on “Zion will be Plowed

  1. Therefore shall Zion for your sake be plowed [as] a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house as the high places of the forest. kjb

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