They Build a Temple for “Her”

Then the angel who was speaking with me went out, and said to me, “Lift up your eyes, and see what this is, going forth.” Zech. 5:5

“This is their appearance in all the land…” Zech.5:6

Then he said, “This is wickedness!” Zech. 5:8

With the help of evil angels, the False Prophet builds a temple of religious people for idolatrous worship. This temple is (for) the great whore of the One World Church of Mystery Babylon. When it is prepared she will be set there on her pedestal. But God is calling His people away from this abomination, for this is wickedness.


2 thoughts on “They Build a Temple for “Her”

  1. The ephah is organized religion, carried about by evil angels— the wicked woman inside is apostate religion– false worship— Babylon Church, the whore of Babylon. She is being carried to Shinar– BABYLON– where there is being built/prepared for her, a spiritual temple for all to worship her (or in her). She is basically a spiritual global Babylonian temple prostitute priestess-goddess. There she is exalted high and enthroned: Mystery Babylon the Great, the mother of Harlots and abominations of the earth.

    God’s people better get out, and keep away; this Mystery Babylon whore is marked for judgment. Stay connected to the Branch, inside the temple of the LORD. (Remember it is HE, our High Priest and King, who is building the temple of the LORD and His temple is spiritual.)

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