If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you. John15:18.

I am a stranger in the earth…Ps119:19

Are you mocked for your faith in Christ? Have you been persecuted for the sake of Christ and for righteousness? Are you scorned, ridiculed, laughed at, despised and rejected? Are you hated by the world? Are you falsely accused? Have you suffered for the gospel? Does the Religious Establishment question you? Do they want you to shut up? Have you been betrayed or shamed by religious people? Are they embarrassed by your devotion? Is your house divided over Jesus Christ? Do you have enemies? Have you been attacked? Hurt with the venom of bites and stings? Have friends left you? Does it feel like you are in the fire of affliction? Do you feel like a pilgrim walking a narrow path through the wilderness? Do you feel dead to the world and all its pleasures and enchantments? Do you feel like you just do not fit in with the world; your soul just does not belong here? Dear blessed one, welcome to the normal life in Christ.


4 thoughts on “Normal

  1. Every day I am learning more about what these words meant. Jesus meant what He said. I guess the correlary question or thought is, if one are not experiencing these sorts of things are you really truly following Jesus or is that “believer” just playing the church game. Welcome to Babylon if the answer is that one is not experiencing this.

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