Brothers and sisters I’d like to announce that Witnessing Encouragement will be going through a design and content overhaul by the new year. Since March 2007, the theme has been general encouragement as well as training and issues related to the theology and methodology of evangelism. I hope it has been helpful to you. But it’s time to go deeper as God is now taking me in a new direction to narrow the focus of this blog away from evangelism training, to focus more on your identity as His witness and encouragement as you abide in Him.

The old content from the last 3 and a half years shall remain available for anyone who needs it. The new content shall likely be less training, and more devotional and exhortational.

Here are all my posts on teaching related to evangelism.

Here are various posts on witnessing and evangelism.

Here are posts about Discerning.

Here are posts, more like the above, about False teaching.

Here are the posts about Watching..the spiritual reality manifest.

Here are posts on Suffering.

What you see on each page is not all there is; if you scroll down you will see,”previous page”, which will direct you to more pages of articles in the same category. My continuing hope is that you be edified as you follow Christ.

Stay tuned for what’s next….

6 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. God be praised for the faithfulness and diligence of your work He has given you to do. This blog has been a wonderful source of encourgement for me and, I am sure, many others. From what you posted, I trust it will continue to be so in its new mandate given to you by God’s Spirit.

    May the good Lord continue to bless you and keep you, Loretta, as you remain obedient to the call of one offering much needed edification and encouragement for us, the remnant.

    Forever endeavour, amen!

  2. Hi,
    I just found your blog, while looking for my blog, that I just started along the same lines as yours, and I’m shocked. You are the 2nd one now that sounds just like me! I thought I was alone and started a blog to fight back, I’m starting to think there are more of us then I realized.

    I’ve looked through and read and have been blessed by many of your articles and couldn’t leave without telling you that.
    Thank you so much, and can’t wait for the new articles. I could use some encouragement, as its a battlefield out here,is full of fiery darts. I pulled a few out of my back a couple weeks ago,and I’m feeling much better now, thank you, and I’m ready to go back into HIS battle.
    God Bless,


    • Gerie, hello! Glad you found my site. Please go ahead and put the link to your site if you like. Yes, you are not alone. God is having us find each other.
      Thanks so much for posting…. hey, please share what are the battles you are facing, and which article categories are you referring to that speak to the same things that are on your heart? (I have several different topics that I’ve been writing on here for 3.5 years…just wondering which ones you are referring to.)
      If you would prefer to discuss off the record, i could email you and we could chat. Let me know if you want to talk.

  3. Hi Loretta. I’m looking forward to stopping in as the new area of focusing is becomes manifest. It’s interesting that as I read the description of this new season, Revelation 12:11 instantly came to mind. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of our testimony, and by loving not our lives unto the death. Idedntity plays an intregal part of all three. This passage has been in the forefront for months because when we get right down to it, this is the formula for enduring unto the end.

    I know that dark days lie ahead, but this is when our light will shine greater than ever before. Even now, I see folks in every venue who are apprehensive about the general flow of things and wonder how they will manage if their worst fears come to pass. Oftentimes folks express astonishment that I’m so relaxed; especially those familiar with the manifiold trials currently facing my household. “I don’t know how you do it” they’ll say and this opens up doors to share Jesus.

    Sorry for rambling. Thanks for the update. I’ll be stopping in. Blessings a;lways in Jesus name.


  4. hi timbob. God is now leading me to focus on witnessing to the saints, for the very reasons you have articulated.

    Your visit is such a blessing. I’m thankful for the deep affection and love the Lord has given to us all, in and for one another. Fellowship is so sweet.


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