Worth the Wait

How can I describe it to you? Friday night was basically an answer to one of my longest held prayers; it was the gracious gift of God after years and years of hoping and waiting. For what you ask? To see this happen: A group of about 22 Christian brothers and sisters (half local, half from out-of-town) and I gathered in a home to pray and then we went out on the streets of my city downtown. In small groups or pairs we headed out for witnessing conversations with people hanging out by the clubs, cafes, fast food restaurants and the movie theater. One very exciting thing about this outreach was that about half the people in our group had no previous experience in evangelism to people you “don’t already know”.

It was great to hit the same city blocks I have previously tread alone, but this time with so many young brothers and sisters. It was very exciting watching these young college students give out their first gospel tract, and share the gospel with someone on the street for the first time. Their nervousness turned to encouragement and joy when they realized they were speaking with a guy, or a couple, or even whole group of friends, who actually wanted to hear it. I am very sure one of the young men may end up a street preacher. This brother was quite filled with the Holy Spirit. I thank God He let me live to see a large group of English-speaking saints at last go out on the streets of my city to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, and to sow the written Word of God. I’m so glad I got to see some young believers give it a go for the first time-right in my city. It was awesome to see their compassion for people, their love for Christ, and their zeal to make Him known. It was wonderful to hear them witnessing and sharing the gospel on the street for the first time. I hope it happens again soon! All thanks, praise, glory and honor to Jesus Christ our Lord.

5 thoughts on “Worth the Wait

  1. God be praised, indeed! I can certainly understand your joy. Would love to have been there to watch as the Holy Spirit worked in these young folks with power. Very encouraging, Loretta. Thanks for this.

    If you check my blog, you will see what’s happening here this week with the arrival of two brothers on a mission from the States.

    Following two full days of evangelism on the streets of Toronto, they are arriving at my home (in about an hour’s time) here in Ottawa for a four day stay.

    The Lord has blessed me with a week off that I should not have had in order to team up with these guys to preach the gospel on the streets here. On Friday, they leave to do the same in Montreal, Quebec, before leaving back for home. This is how they are spending their “vacation time”!

    An exciting venture to say the least. Please be in prayer for them/us this week. God is so good to bless.


  2. Paul, thanks for the info, am glad to pray for this outreach… I’ll pop by your blog soon to see what is going on! I wonder if I know these brothers? To you and your friends: have a great “vacation”! That is the best way to spend a vacation for sure!

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