Witnessing at a Park

Betty in Texas sent this in:

Witnessed at park with Katie tonight. We got to talk with some young children and a teen. We used my blown-up IQ tests which they had fun with, which led to the Gospel. They heard Law and grace. Said they had Bibles but the older teen didn’t -gave him the NT in my bag. They got tracts. Pray for them .

Walked and tracted. At a table were a group of teens-boys and girls. We used the IQ’ s again and then some stimulating questions. At that point I decided to ask if we could record for podcast they said yes. So we got to share the Law, God’s righteous judgment on sinners, and they found they were guilty criminals in God’s courtroom, with no escape. Headlights came on, and hearts seemed churning!! Katie prayed, I shared, when they had no hope, the hope to all-brought near to the blood of Christ. Oh pray that they would lay their head on their pillows and cry out to the God who gave them life and breath for thanksgiving for provision of salvation in His beloved Son Jesus! I did not neglect to share that God has given proof of judgment of sin by raising Jesus from the dead-the only satisfactory substitute-He gets our filthiness, we get His goodness! AND-He is coming to judge the world-He MUST COME. He WILL COME!! They were silent. Praise God for ears that seemed to hear. Pray for hearts to break in sorrow over the One sinned against that it would be toward their salvation! Thank you so much. Betty and Katie
PS: Who’s coming out with us next?

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