Preparing For the Age to Come

Jesus spoke of the age to come. Are we preparing for this? Are we preparing for the judgment seat of Christ and living in light of eternity? Are we confessing our sin to Him? Are we living a life of continual and increasing repentance? Are we putting to death the deeds of the flesh, killing sin, taking up our cross and following Him? Are we putting to death SELF? Is our cry, “Not my will O Lord but THY will be done!”? We are exhorted to not sin willfully nor walk after the flesh. Are we devoted to Him, living for Him, suffering for Him? Are we listening to Him? Do we obey Him? Paul talked about pressing on toward the goal for the prize. Are we being sanctified through trials and suffering? Are we reproached at all for obeying and representing the Lord Jesus? Are we being tried and purified by His refining fire- now? Are we abiding in Him and bearing good fruit? Are we obeying His commandments and walking in the Spirit? Are we staying on the narrow road? Are we loving and serving the saints of God? Are we bringing people to Jesus and making disciples? Are we doing whatever He is telling us to do? Are we loving NOT the world? Are we separating ourselves unto Christ? Are we doing the deeds and will of our Father?

When He is done wiping the tears from our eyes, after the fire has burned through to judge the quality of our work, then whatever worthy part that remains, we shall lay that down at His feet. And then.. the age to come.

Audio: Have you heard this yet? The Judgment seat of Christ

Therefore we also have as our ambition, whether at home or absent, to be pleasing to Him. 2Cor5:9

6 thoughts on “Preparing For the Age to Come

  1. These are all very good questions we need to be asking ourselves. We are told to examine ourselves to make sure we pass God’s tests. I am working on a few things, which really means I need to get out of God’s way and let Him do it. Yahushua Bless You.

  2. Yes Pete, thank you. This is why I used “we”. I am asking myself these questions. Are our lives pleasing to Him? Do we have “what is good”? Is this us? Or not…

    The good man brings out of his good treasure what is good…. Matt12:35

  3. What wonderful timing, this conference talk by Piper, “Did Jesus Preach Paul’s Gospel”. Yes, the Gospel in the OT was the same as the NT and yes Jesus preached Paul’s gospel because Paul preached (and lived) Jesus’ gospel. They are not different, they are the same, we can put our mind to rest. And justification and sanctification are different things! Let us be clear, so that we may be at peace. I recommend this video/ talk for anyone needing encouragement and clarity on this topic of following Jesus, “faith and works”, “root and fruit”, and justification.

    Justified by the blood of Christ and His righteousness alone. Jesus our righteousness! But then sanctification IN CHRIST (by the Spirit) produces work and fruit as a result.

    From Together for the Gospel (T4G) 2010
    John PIper, “Did Jesus Preach Paul’s Gospel?”

    T4G 2010 — Session 6 — John Piper from Together for the Gospel (T4G) on Vimeo.

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