“Tomorrow You’re Going to Meet Jesus”

There I was in the boys’ section of the store. A young mother and father were there with their little six year old boy, shopping for an outfit for his First Communion. The little boy asked why they were buying new clothes and the father tenderly and enthusiastically told his son, “Tomorrow you’re going to meet Jesus!” What he meant was, that tomorrow the boy would “meet” the Eucharistic bread wafer ‘Jesus’ which, by eating it, would dispense a little bit of “grace” towards an earned salvation.

And thus God the Father arranged a wonderful meeting between this man and I, for the purpose of introducing this family to the real Jesus, and the real Gospel of salvation by grace given as a gift of God through FAITH alone in Jesus Christ, and not through religion, traditions, ritual, saints, prayers, priests, charitable works or being ‘good’.

I remember the exact moment when I met Jesus. I will never forget it! After being a devoted but lost Catholic for 17 years, I met Jesus while reading the Gospel someone mailed to me. Here is a mini- assignment: be the jar of clay (to the glory of God) which carries the treasure to a Roman Catholic who has yet to meet Jesus.

2 thoughts on ““Tomorrow You’re Going to Meet Jesus”

  1. Thanks for sharing Loretta. The Lord’s supper is indeed amazing in its elements for the believer: a remembrance of the awesome work that Christ as done–the completion of the Law and the promise of being completely redeemed on that Day.

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