Thankful for a Legacy

“I was going to witness to her.”

My 14 year old daughter was telling me of a witnessing opportunity she (almost) had on Saturday. She and her best friend were downtown perusing the second hand teen boutique and the $5 pizza shop. Near the pizza place was an elderly Chinese lady sitting at the bus stop. My daughter sat down on the bench next to her and offered her their leftover pizza slices. She may have been considering her new “Chinese 1″language skills. “I was going to witness to her”, she told me, but was not able to have much of a conversation because the bus came right then. But she was going to! God has answered my prayer and has given her a heart for lost people! I am so thankful!


4 thoughts on “Thankful for a Legacy

  1. Thanks Paul! We have gone out before together, and with groups on special outreaches, but this is the first time she related to me an attempt at witnessing all on her own out there in the world…..(she was with her girl friend) without me with her…. : )

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