The Mission of the Gospel

Check out this article, The Mission of the Gospel, by Ray Baumann.

Many talk about the great commission but few are willing to sacrifice anything for it.

Our church culture has given people the idea that they actually deserved what Jesus did on the cross for them so in their “uniqueness” they see no need to share that news.  It is the indebtedness for the love shown on the cross the causes believers to be willing to go out of obedience.

The American church has turned God’s mission into a cliché, passionately talking it about only within the four walls of the church building, and limiting evangelism to bringing people to a service and no more.



3 thoughts on “The Mission of the Gospel

  1. Yes, bring them into the building and to the service…. but don’t forget to share the Gospel with them when they are there…..

    and don’t forget that evangelism/the Great Commission is primarily going out into the world to share the Gospel with people who are not in church buildings and at services!

  2. Hey, thanks so much for this, Loretta! Great article! Bringing the gospel to those whose shadows would never darken the door of a true gospel preaching church…that’s what evangelism is all about.

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