Origin into Schools: UC Berkeley

Here are some photos from the Origin into schools outreach at U.C. Berkeley. Sponsored by Living Waters, this outreach provided 190,000 copies of Darwin’s Origin of Species (with special introduction by Ray Comfort) to 100 top campuses in the US. Our team of 30, led by Daniel Beaudoin of NorCal Seedsowers, passed out 2000 copies of this special 150th Anniversary edition.

Students were very happy to receive this free copy, since the bookstore sells it for $29. Many students said since their professors quote from it often, they were planning on getting their own copy. The special introduction features the biography of Darwin, the history of evolutionary theory, Intelligent Design vs Evolution, information on DNA, Darwin’s beliefs concerning God and Atheism, some comparative worldview and of course a Gospel message concerning sin, death, accountability to God, and forgiveness through faith in Jesus Christ.

There was a campus protest going on (of course!) regarding the student fee hike. On the fringes of the crowds we were able to hand out books and have conversations with students away from the noise. The Atheist club students were following us around, handing out their literature to everyone who took our book. We had some rather civil and productive conversations with them also. All in all many seeds were sown and we are very thankful.

All day long we passed students reading the intro to the book. This one was sitting but most were reading it while they were walking. Most people were glad to get the book. We told everyone this edition had a special intro with discussion on the Creation/ Evolution debate. I only observed one person who was angry that it was a “Christian thing”; that man threw the book down on the ground in disgust. There were several young students who were interested in finding out what exactly was in the introduction, and this led to opportunities to share the Gospel with a few who were genuinely open and interested in hearing.

Adam passing out books and witnessing to students.

Jared passing out books and witnessing!

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