Unreached People in Your City

You don’t have to go halfway around the world to find “unreached people groups”; they are right in your city. The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most spiritually needy, neglected mission fields in America. This is not exactly the place where many American missionaries and evangelists want to come though. My prayer is that God would raise up more laborers from His church that already resides here among the 7.4 million people. Here are a few urban “unreached people groups” that the Lord has put on my heart. How many more do you see in your city?

-High school students. Most have been raised by secular parents in our pagan culture and in the Humanistic-Relativistic-Nihilistic-New Age government school system. They have never heard any Truth from God’s Word much less the Gospel. I also must include here, churched kids who attend ‘fun and entertainment’ oriented modern Evangelical churches or ecumenical Liberal churches that do not believe or teach the Bible. These kids go to church but they have not heard the Gospel.

-The hidden, forgotten and “unwanted” ones: the homeless people who live out of shopping carts, in cardboard boxes, and under the freeways and city streets. They suffer from a myriad of spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, medical and economic problems. They need our love and care. But more than clothes, food and health care, they need Jesus the Deliverer.

-Runaway street teens who have left home, school and parents to wander the urban jungle.

-People from all the nations; for the world has come to us. America’s cities are some of the world’s most strategic mission fields in the world since they are destinations for people from all over the globe, including the world’s most closed and dangerous countries. It is so exciting to meet a businessperson, professional or university student who has come from some closed nation on the other side of the earth. Every day I see dozens of new people from Mexico, Central America, India, China, North Africa and the Middle East. No airplane ticket or visa necessary to go to them! You can bring the Gospel to the unreached Internationals in your city.


5 thoughts on “Unreached People in Your City

  1. So true, Loretta.

    You can’t drive to the airport to catch a plane to Africa to preach the gospel to spiritually needy people for a mission without passing by thousands of just as spiritually needy people while on your way to the airport.

    They’re right here!

    Not that missions are not important. They are and they do GREAT work…well, the ones that preach the gospel in spirit and in truth at least.

    The North American Christian’s mindset it that mission work means bringing the gospel to the deepest darkest jungles when, indeed, the deepest darkest alleys of our own cities are filled to the brim with those who need the to be given the same gospel.

    Good post! May it serve as a reminder to those who support foreign mission projects to pray for and support the gospel laborers in their own back yard, lest they forget.

  2. Amen Paul to everything you said!

    Missions is so important! There are still unreached ethnic groups (GK ethnos) in the remote regions of the world to whom we must go with the Gospel and plant churches…. this is “primary” or “frontier” missions. But for those of us who reside in the urban areas (and must reside here for whatever reason), our mission field is right outside our door.

    Another thing is, did you see the video where John Piper differentiates between missions and evangelism? How important both are! One is preaching the Gospel, and one is gathering the new believers into a new local body where they may be discipled and shepherded…. that they may worship our Savior corporately, and live out the “one anothers” with the saints of God.

    Evangelism, missions, church planting, discipleship…… this is our commission from the Lord Jesus.

  3. Great post! Great exhortation! There is far too much complacency here in the USA. Try as I do to remember if anyone shared the Gospel with me before the age of 42, I come up empty. I think part of the problem is people identify themselves as being Christian just because they go to church and we don’t really probe deeper. I said I was Christian all my life because of church, even though I turned away from God at the age of 16. I simply don’t remember hearing a clear Gospel presentation until I was 42?

    Anyway, here is south Florida we have lots of nations as well for people to reach with the good news. It’s a cornucopia! Happy Thanksgiving Loretta!

  4. Hi Michelle! wow you can spend most of your life in America and not hear the Gospel! And I agree, so many people go to church regularly but they have not heard the gospel… and the church people in our lives maybe don’t share because they either aren’t truly born again yet either, or they assume everyone in church is, so, like you said we don’t probe further. I’m so thankful there is in this country currently a resurgence of concern for the message of the (biblical) Gospel and an awareness of the many in our country who have never heard it- even those in churches or “church culture”. God is so gracious, He is faithful and does get His message of grace to His people – like He did for you when you were 42.. how did you hear the Gospel Michelle? (remind me!)

    Yes you can be a missionary to the nations in south FL even while you prepare to go serve overseas! Happy Thanksgiving to you Michelle! I’m going to make pie and stuffing with my 6th grader today. : )

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