The King on His Wedding Day

The wedding approaches. The King will be so glorious, handsome, celebrated and blessed.

Grace is poured upon His lips. Mighty with sword on thigh, He is victorious in splendor and majesty, reigning forever in His Kingdom. He defeats His enemies, loving righteousness and hating wickedness. God anoints Him with the oil of joy and clothes Him in garments with beautiful fragrances. Music is playing and He is glad.

Forget your people and your father’s house! The King will desire our beauty. Because He is our Lord, we bow down to Him. We will be glorious within and clothed in stunning beauty. We will be brought to Him. We will be led to the King with gladness and rejoicing! We will enter into the King’s palace! We will declare His name and give thanks and praise to Him forever.

7 thoughts on “The King on His Wedding Day

  1. Thomas, hey! I’m always glad to meet more people with the same
    background whom the Lord has brought into His wonderful Light of
    salvation in the Lord Jesus! There is a lady I see walking in my neighborhood
    (when I’m driving) that is a nun, wearing the traditional habit, etc. That
    was almost me but by the grace of God. As a teen, my heart was in religious hypocrisy, trying to gain God’s favor by merit through the RCC…) until He opened
    my eyes and breathed Life into me. Praise Jesus!

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