The Safe Place

Yesterday I again found myself in a face to face encounter with the unseen forces. I had two long conversations with S., a homeless woman my age, who was pushing her packed shopping cart with her three pet rats. It turns out she is one of those who has, since a little girl, been the victim of the satanic torture, abuse, terror and mind control of the wicked earthly “powers that be” that the Lord speaks of in Ps. 2 and Ps.21:11.

She was filled with paranoia, fear and hate for those who have hurt her. As she gripped her mace can, she told me exactly how she got her bruises and burn marks. Her STD was affecting her whole body. Demons were speaking wicked lies to me; I was speaking Truth of God’s Word to her. This shut up the demons, but she was listening. God wanted me to just show her His love, and build trust. There was much more to these conversations than I can possibly articulate here.

She lamented that the evil men who have tortured her have gotten away with it. I assured her that they ultimately will not: that God will judge all sin, evil and wickedness. The demons in her told me that this is not true, but I again answered with Bible Truth of God’s righteous character, and again, this shut them up and she was listening. I could see this Truth gave her a bit of hope.

The Lord wanted me to tell her where the safe place is. “There is no safe place!”, she insisted. I assured her there was a spiritual safe place: the large loving arms to hide under, the big cupped hands to hide in, the safe shelter to run to, the hiding place that is the Lord Jesus.

9 thoughts on “The Safe Place

  1. WOW! Interesting story. (I feel sad for S.) The reality of the presence of demons in some people is something not often acknowledged, but that does not change the truth of the fact that they are present. If they were not, we would have not need for Ephesians 6. Good on you for your commanding presence and your obvious love and concern for S.

    I pray the Lord for the much needed work in her heart, soul, body and mind for healing and salvation through what she heard from you. Glory to God!

  2. micey,

    She asked me if I was a P.O.W. — prisoner of war. I told her I live temporarily here in this physical world that evil men have made a prison, but I am not a prisoner of it but a free citizen of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. This was a direct spiritual confrontation. The demons tried to scare and discourage me but the Spirit of Truth – the Word of God prevailed.

    I pray for her spiritual freedom!!!

  3. Paul,

    Yes praise to JESUS for His commanding Presence and for His love for and pursuit of the lost! He rescues us from the domain of darkness and transfers us to the Kingdom of His beloved Son!

    I also pray with you, that the Lord will send others to reach her, that she will be delivered and rescued from this evil, that she will find peace and healing in Jesus. I know other brethren who have been so rescued by the LORD—–praise to God.

    He is mighty to save, rescue, deliver, cure/free from demons, physically heal,
    (SO ZO !!!) ….through repentance and faith……… He has the power!

  4. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.
    For Thou hast been a shelter for me,
    a tower of strength against the enemy.
    Let me dwell in Thy tent forever!
    Let me take refuge in the shelter of Thy wings!

  5. in case any of you are wondering, yes I did tell the whole gospel to her, over the course of the 2 convos we had… we talked a total of about 1 and a half hours…
    God have mercy!

  6. Loretta,
    Awesome work by God’s power!
    This is one of the biggest needs there is out there. I am looking forward to experiencing instant demon deliverance out on the streets. Just like what Jesus did. “and greater things than these will they do”
    Keep it up!
    PS. I shot you a “face book” reply.

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