A Street Meeting

That’s what Paul Kaiser calls an evangelism outreach involving one on one witnessing and “high visibility” open air Gospel preaching. About seventeen saints gathered in Old Sacramento on Saturday night for several hours of proclaiming the biblical Gospel to the lost.


Young men listening to Christ being exalted

While the brothers took turns preaching, there were many opportunities to talk to people. Some folks identified themselves as fellow saints and we had some good fellowship-encouragement right there on the sidewalk. I was amazed at how many people actually stood and listened almost the entire time; men, women, children, teens. One man played the part of the classic heckler: scoffing, then expressing skepticism with questions he thought had no answers. The man was respectfully yet boldly answered with classic apologetics as well as presuppositional Bible Truth. We watched him go from mocker to quiet after he read for himself the Bible text and heard preached the truth of God’s creation, the character, glory and holiness of God, the Law of God, the rebellion and wickedness of sin, the wages of sin being death, and the grace and mercy of God in Christ.

I saw a woman standing up against the building wall and came up and stood by her. She was listening intently to the preaching with great emotion on her face. After a while I started talking to her and after going through the Gospel with her I asked her if she has ever heard this message before. She said she had never heard it. She was agreeing about sin and saying she needed Jesus and forgiveness. She then confided in me that she just had a big fight with her husband and shared some painful details. We talked more about the Truth of sin and redemption and she gladly took a NT Bible which she had never read. Then her husband came to get her and I thought he would say, “Let’s go” and take her away, but he said something hurtful to her and then turned around. He looked at the man preaching, and he stood there perfectly still next to his wife for at least an hour, listening to the preaching, not saying a word.


8 thoughts on “A Street Meeting

  1. Wonderful account of what should be taking place in every city in every state (and province). Literal “teams” of saints faithfully reaching out to the lost proclaiming the gospel “in spirit and in truth”.

    Three of us (I could only dream of 17) were out on the Lord’s Day and we noted that in the immediate area where a popular annual street festival that draws 100,000 people per year over a 3 day period takes place, there are several “Christian” churches. Sadly, none were doing anything in the form of evanglelizing. One church opened its grounds making provisions for an outdoor pub.

    Good on you for reaching out to that sad lady. Amazing that her angry husband stayed for so long to hear what was being preached. I wonder what God is doing in their hearts today. It’s obvious He wanted them there that night. He orchestrates these sort of things. Amen!

  2. Paul, Hey!
    Our nice large group came from all over northern CA and from many different churches.

    I hear you though. The Lord told us to pray for laborers to be sent into the harvest. I believe that as things get more difficult and dangerous (risky), He will raise up more and more.

  3. Like Paul, I could only dream of 17 folks coming with me to evangelize!

    Thank you for posting this…….it gives me great encouragement for our small group outings.

    Our little group (4 on our best day) will be tracting and witnessing at a local car show this Saturday afternoon……..can’t wait to talk to our ‘divine appointments’!


  4. hey Wayne! Yes, God blesses the sweet fellowship of the Gospel and unity in Christ, no matter how many saints gather. I’ll try to post pictures to this post soon. They didn’t turn out great but they give an idea of what was happening on the street that night. Remember brother, success is not numbers… it is being faithful!

  5. Thank you for the powerful story. We do the same kind of thing next to ASU here in Arizona. There are 72,000 college students there and half of them hit this shopping district right next to the unverstiy every weekend. there are atiest out there with mikes as well trying to lead others away from truth. does happen to you guys?

  6. hello humanitas remedium, Glad to hear you are going out in AZ. I personally have only seen classic “happening by” so called atheists who stop for a bit to do their heckling and mocking. They sure draw a crowd and get people listening in. I have not seen anyone purpose to come out with mics to preach atheism or some other antichrist philosophy. But I know guys who may have seen this- I would not be surprised. Paul (Reformed Evangelist) Kaiser, Tony (the Lawman) Miano and Steve (stone the preacher) Sanchez may have- check in with them- they all have quite a collection of witnessing/ street preaching stories. Also ask Larry (SOS Ministries) Rosenbaum- he has been doing street outreach in the Bay Area for a long time.

    Once I saw a young man carrying a sign in Berkeley (no surprise there) that was basically preaching the anti-Gospel message. I took a pic.

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