Justification by Faith

We enjoyed learning some church history this year in our “Rome through the Renaissance” Middle Ages history unit. The most interesting topic was learning the basics of the Reformation of the 1500’s. As someone whom God saved -via the Scriptures- out of the Roman Catholic Church, I’m very thankful for the men God raised up in Europe to bring His Word to people who previously did not have access to the Truth of the Gospel, but were instead taught they could be saved by performing religious works and paying money to The Church, and that righteousness was bestowed upon them by The Church. The stories of the martyrs who helped get God’s Word into the hands of common people was most inspiring. Here is a hymn that illustrates some precious Bible Truth that people discovered as God’s Word shed Light on the spiritual darkness that is false teaching.

Justification by faith, not by works.
by Isaac Watts

Rom. 3:19-22.

Vain are the hopes the sons of men
On their own works have built;
Their hearts by nature all unclean,
And all their actions guilt.

Let Jew and Gentile stop their mouths
Without a murm’ring word,
And the whole race of Adam stand
Guilty before the Lord.

In vain we ask God’s righteous law
To justify us now;
Since to convince and to condemn
Is all the law can do.

Jesus, how glorious is thy grace!
When in thy name we trust,
Our faith receives a righteousness
That makes the sinner just.

4 thoughts on “Justification by Faith

  1. Lyrics from Marytrs from the album Storiez by shai linne

    The Time: 1536

    The Place: Outside of Brussels

    The Martyr: William Tyndale


    I refuse to look to John Huss whose goose was cooked

    Lord, I wanna put your truth in books

    Now concerning my faith no turning away

    I know eternity awaits even if I’m burned at the stake

    Like avoiding their attacks of me would profit me

    Great Whore that could be properly the papacy and prophecy

    They say the Pope’s the holiest

    Only if these people could see its phoniness and Scripturally erroneous

    The Pope of men fail to respect- they wanna seek death

    of William Tyndale so then I inhale a deep breath

    Two doors- my hands push

    As I stride inside I was grabbed by men hiding- it’s an ambush!

    I was sabotaged- he was disguised and camouflaged

    As a friend of me- I didn’t know he was the enemy

    Now through discerning, I see this group is yearning

    With ill will to kill bill like Uma Thurman

    It’s a chaotic frenzy as they plot against me

    Hey if God defends me or ends me- He’ll soon determine

    Now I plead for these people (forgive ‘em!) they grieve Your cathedral

    I don’t wanna repay evil for evil

    When I’m weak I’m made strong- got my brave face on

    We’re sheep for the slaughter being killed all the day long

    I’ll never be a man-pleaser

    No matter how tight the grip of the hand squeezer

    I can’t breathe- I’ll stand with Jesus

    Even if plans are grievous as they try to put me to sleep like anesthesia

    Now I’m gagging and gasping- I’m sold out for You

    No doubt this noose won’t choke out the truth

    And leave a lasting legacy- cats who would never read

    your Word after the death of me cats can cleverly

    get pass the heresy and grab for this weaponry
    Your sword- now Lord I pass to the heavenlies

  2. I’m so happy to find your blog! It is rare to find people committed to sharing the gospel- especially other women who are passionate about street evangelism. Subscribing to your blog now…

  3. Jenny welcome! I look forward to getting to “know you online” and mutually encouraging one another (Heb.10:25) through our blogs. : )

    God bless you as you serve Jesus with all your heart.

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