“I See Angels!”

On Saturday night I joined the NorCal Seedsowers for some outreach in San Jose. While waiting to be picked up by the team leader, I had the opportunity to witness to a man about Jesus. He pretended for a long time to be open to Truth, but then he described his imaginary god who does not take his sin seriously and would never judge it. He boasted of his sins, then began to laugh and mock Jesus, saying the incarnation and the virgin birth never happened. I realized I was talking to some antichrist spirit since he was speaking for the devil. He began taunting, “I know who Jesus is!”

He was no longer trying to hide his blasphemous mocking attitude. I asked him, “Who is He then?” He exclaimed: “Jesus is just a man!”

Wrong answer! As I was preaching scripture and proclaiming to him that Jesus is LORD, God, Creator, Sustainer, Savior, and King Who will judge the world and all men in righteousness, his eyes got huge as he pointed and stared intently just above me. He cried out with fear in his voice, “I SEE ANGELS, I SEE ANGELS!”, then he turned and ran away.

I thanked the Lord for His wonderful faithfulness and protection. Then my ride arrived.

Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out to render service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation? Hebrews 1:14


6 thoughts on ““I See Angels!”

  1. It was a wonderful evening with this group in San Jose. I got to watch everyone on our team have 1 on 1 conversations, as well as Daniel share the Gospel with a group of about 5 young men. It was so great to see them standing there, listening to the message as Daniel talked about sin, God’s holiness and justice, and how “being a good person” will do nothing to save us from God’s judgment of sin. Though the young men all said they were Roman Catholic, they were hearing the Gospel for the first time (no doubt) there on the sidewalk. I wish I had my camera with me! It is a very humbling and thrilling thing to see the face of a person who is being convicted of Truth, of sin, and hearing for the first time the real Truth of what God did through Jesus Christ to save people and make them right with Him.

  2. Yeah, a camera would have been a good thing for sure. I would have loved to have seen the face of the first guy as he witnessed angels. I also like seeing faces of conviction in witnessing encounters when they happen.

    My wife usually brings along a camera on our gospel giving outings. One of the things she does is hang back about 20 feet from me and takes pictures of people taking the time to read their newly handed gospel tracts as I continue to pass them out along the street. Its quite interesting to see how people react to them.

    I like it when we come up to a group of people who are together, hand out tracts to each one, leave and watch from a short distance as they begin to talk about the tracts and even start asking each other if they ever lied, stolen, use God’s name in vain, etc. Before you know it, they are standing around talking about God, Jesus, heaven and hell, etc. So cool!

    After your “I see angels” episode, I’m glad the rest of your evening went evening went…well…normal? 🙂

  3. hi Paul, Yes, I have burned into my memory scenes of people listening with that look on their faces (conviction) while someone is telling it to them, and also people standing perfectly still in the middle of the sidewalk with people going all around them, as they look down, reading gospel material for several minutes straight. Such a blessing!

    Yes, the rest of our evening was “normal”… lol, as I described in a comment, above. Teammates talked to people- while I prayed, and lots of folks either heard it or got it in print form. : ) Always amazed that there are those who want to stop and really talk and listen. Divine appointments.

  4. As I reflect on this event, I recall the man looked and pointed “into the air”, quite a bit over above my head. Angels are big! And boy was he scared.

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