Someone asked about feeling like a “failure” in witnessing. I shared what I heard Mark Cahill teach at a meeting a few weeks ago. He said there is no such thing as failure in sharing the Gospel, only success. Here are three scenarios:

1. You witness. The person trusts Christ and becomes a child of God. Success!

2. You witness. You are unsure what the result is. You have planted a seed that may later sprout into true faith. Success!

3. You witness. The person rejects the Gospel, mocks Christ, blasphemes God, calls you names and tells you where you can go. You have been faithful to the Lord in love and obedience to Him in your witnessing endeavor. Success!


12 thoughts on “Success

  1. Q: “How many decisions have been made as a result of your ministry?”
    A: “I have 100% success… everybody I witness to made a decision – they either decided to repent and put their trust in Jesus or not”.

    I heard Pastor Steve Sanchez say this in his EV class.

  2. Jeff, right! Good quote by pastor Steve S. Or another way to put it would be,

    “Our witnessing endeavors are 100% successful because God will be glorified in graciously redeeming those who repent and believe in (trust in) Christ, and He will also be glorified in righteously and justly judging those who do not.”

    When we witness, God is working through us anyway, as we represent Him as ambassadors……. and His purposes; justifying the redeemed through faith, and judging & condemning the unrepentant who do not believe so as to be saved….. will both be accomplished.

    “So shall My word be which goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me empty, without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.” Isaiah 55:11.

    Sounds like success to me!

    thank You Lord…….

  3. Hi Loretta,

    Its amazing, still amazing, how the Lord works in big ways through little things. This post is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you so much for this simple post.

    My name is Paul, a new kid on the blog as of two weeks ago from Ottawa, Canada…where blogs like this don’t exist and, from what I know, not many Christians even know about.

    You’re site is one in a handful which I have enjoyed following for the past year and want to just send you a note of encouragement. We who encourage need encouragement ourselves now and again. And not for our glory, but for the Lord’s.

    So I thank the Lord for what you do. It has been a real help to me. Press on!

  4. Hi Paul,

    What a blessing to read this comment! I did not know you were there, so thank you for introducing yourself. I very much look forward to checking out your blog as well (i just added you to my blogroll).

    And thank you so much for the encouragement.. I’m so thankful and glad these articles have been a help to you! Glory to God! Yes brother, let us press on…….our work is not in vain…….. He shall gather in His harvest and we shall see the fruit of our labor in eternity!

  5. Samuel, hey brother. Glad to meet you also….. like your blog! I really liked the post, “It’s eating me!” I can relate, bro. I was going to post that but i don’t think i have a Google/Blogger account so i couldn’t post. Samuel….. keep going!!! As the Lord leads…. go & tell it …..!

  6. Hello, brothers. My name is Andre and I am Peruvian and live in New Jersey. I want to encourage you to preach the Word with boldness.

    And I also want to know if someone want to help me with the distribution of “One thing you can’t do in Heaven” in Latin America.

    I am giving away these book through two websites; and

    They are for free to any one who request it online. If someone wants to help with the distribution we can talk with Mark Cahill about this issue.

    May God bless you, you can contact me

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