Who Are You Called to Reach?

Several years ago I sat at a coffee shop with a dear elder saint. He was back home helping raise the grandkids after spending most of his life as a foreign missionary. We were talking about “domestic missions and me”. He asked me who I was called to reach; at the time I had not seriously considered that. As a missionary, he suggested that it is wise and strategic to narrow it down and know who specifically you are seeking to reach.

Here in the Bay Area, the demographic is quite complex. We’re surrounded by Roman Catholics, soccer moms, teenagers, University professors, Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, international immigrants, homeless people, lawyers, corporate CEOs and hardcore New Agers… and there’s hundreds more.


Actually, I never was successful at narrowing it down to just one specific “people group”. As an indigenous missionary, I have seen the Lord provide opportunity to witness to many different kinds of people. I suppose one group of people that is on my heart often is the international community. It is an enormous thrill to consider that the world has come here that we may reach them with the Gospel. For me this is also an enormous challenge because of the language barrier. The Lord uses this issue (among other things) to remind me of my utter weakness and dependence on Him, for He has given me a desire to share the Gospel with people I can hardly communicate with. But this just makes life as an ambassador of Christ that much more exciting as He uses us weak and broken clay pots to carry His message of grace to the lost.

The Lord Jesus has sent us to reach the whole world. Like Paul, we seek to “be all things to all men” in our desire to reach all kinds of people. So who are you called to reach?

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” Matt.28:19

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