The Proud and The Humble

Several of us went to do some fishing in San Francisco at the Chinese new year parade a few weeks ago. There were five men who took turns preaching all evening, and the three of us women gave out gospel materials. We all had opportunities to talk to people one on one as they stopped by on their way to the parade. There were only two conversations I had that night; the proud and the humble.

A man about my age came up to me and started asking me apologetic type questions and I did my best to try to answer him. He was skeptical and started arguing with an amused attitude. I realized he was only doing this for his entertainment. Laughing and mocking, he began making fun of God. “Why do you believe in that Jewish God?” I told him because the Jewish God, IS God. He told me that we should be loyal to our ethnic heritage and believe in the gods of our fathers. He said he was from China but raised in Indonesia, and worshiped many gods. He asked me if I was of German heritage and I told him yes (among other things). He told me I should not worship a “foreign” God but I should worship the gods of my heritage. So I asked him, “You think I should be worshiping Thor then?” He enthusiastically said yes! I quickly told him about how Boniface came from another country to tell the Germans that Thor was not god, but Jesus Christ is God. I07-02-09_lorettawitness13 talked about the first two commandments and he went on a diatribe of laughing, mocking God and calling the Lord Jesus some choice names. God directed me right then to be done with him. He boasted in his idolatry and his own righteousness. He loved mocking Christ!

Later in the evening, a young man came up to talk to me. What an encouragement to talk with this young man! God had prepared his heart, and arranged this “divine appointment.” I don’t remember how the conversation started, but he wanted to hear the gospel. He asked me to tell him. His attitude was sincere. Starting at the beginning, I brought him through the character of God, the Law, our sin against God, and the Gospel. He stood there quietly listening, intently staring into my eyes. He was not just listening, he was hearing. He was convicted of sin. He saw his need for a savior. He admitted his sin. He wanted forgiveness. He wanted mercy and grace. This news of grace and forgiveness in Christ was life and hope to him! Don’t be discouraged by the mockers, saints; keep on working. God is still calling sinners and bringing the humble to repentance!

“I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.” Luke5:32.

3 thoughts on “The Proud and The Humble

  1. This weekend our pastor taught on “Dinner with sinners”…. Matt.9: 9-13….. and I was duly convicted of my own pride and Pharisee -like attitude towards “dining with” people “out there in the world”. Reminder to self: Jesus was/is a friend of sinners!

  2. There are virtually almost none like you out there. The majority of christians are more selfish than non-believers and far more despicable and untrustworthy people in general than non-believers

    They also almost to the last person make excuses for their various gross sins.

    The various and extreme forms of abuse I have taken at the hands of christians all my life has led me to hate god more than I ever have and to hate his people more than I ever have, to the point I cheer for their persecution.

    I doubt any amount of your prayer and fasting, or even your entire churches will ever make the smallest difference, so don’t waste your time on me.

    You should feel blessed that God chose you, and not think you chose him.

    That is what so many arrogant christians believe, that they chose him.

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    I am more selfish and despicable than anyone I know. I make no excuses for my gross sins (of the heart and mind!). I am sinful and depraved to the core and apart from God, I have no good in me. I have broken all the Commandments of God. Only God can help me: I need a Savior. In love, God has come to do for me what I could never do: He has provided the “goodness”- the righteousness that I need. He has given it to me Himself- His own righteousness (rightness) – that of the Lord Jesus Christ. He gave it as a gift of love.

    He took the sin I have committed and covered it with His blood. His own blood. He has taken my sin away, as a gift of love. He does not count it against me. He took care of it. Basically, He bought me with His blood. He demonstrated His justice in judging my sin (He is the Judge…) on the cross – through the death and resurrection of Christ–and He demonstrated His grace to me– giving me the right standing before Him that I need- that I don’t deserve. This is a gift of love.

    If anyone needs the mercy and grace of God through the Lord Jesus, it is me.
    I deserve condemnation; He gives me grace. He has not overlooked and waved off my sin (as if he were unjust), He has paid for this debt against Him, Himself, at great cost to Himself. This is a gift of love.

    Many people who call themselves Christians and do bad things, are not Christians. They use the name. They are cino: Christian in name only. There is no evidence of true repentance and faith. They do not have this relationship with God through Christ (that I described above). They pretend. Or, they are deceived. These people do not represent Jesus Christ. They confuse everyone and give God a bad name. These don’t care if they sin. They love their sin. They may not care if they hurt or abuse.

    Many people who call themselves Christians who sin, are true Christians. They are still sinners, though they have been forgiven. True Christians, when they sin, hate their sin, and repent. They do not want to sin! They do not want to be a bad representative for God. They do not want to hurt people. They do not want to sin. They repent toward God. They ask forgiveness of those they have hurt.

    I have also been hurt by people who supposedly are Christians. In some cases, they are probably not true Christians, who have sinned and hurt me. I need to forgive them, and I do. In other cases, they are most likely true Christians who have sinned and hurt me. I need to forgive them too and I do. Why? God forgave me of all my sins against Him, through the Lord Jesus Christ. My guilt is great; His grace is greater than all my sin.

    I hope you will go to God Himself for Truth and for healing. Read the Psalms, Isaiah 53, the Gospel of John, and hear God speak to you of His great grace, love and forgiveness. Don’t let the sin of others keep you from knowing God. On judgment day, you will stand before God without any others. You will not be able to use the excuse of “the sins of other people preventing you from believing and repenting of your own sin”. This is between you and God. Jesus died for sinners! Now He is risen. He is life !

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