Got Hope?


Lately I’ve been starting conversations with people by asking what gives them hope. Today I was talking with an older gentleman (in his early 70’s) at a bus stop, and I asked him what he is putting his hope in. He immediately told me he is putting his hope in Barack Obama. Then he pulled out a newspaper and pointed to the front page headline which said something about welcoming (or announcing) the New World Order. He pointed to it exclaiming, “That is what I’m putting my hope in!”

The god of this world is offering humanity a false and empty hope. As the evil and darkness increases, the Lord Jesus Christ shines bright! Think of the opportunity the Lord has given us at this time, to share the true hope of the Gospel to the lost around us. Ask people if they have hope. Ask them what their hope is. Then tell them Who the true Hope is, and why.

Lord Jesus Christ…our hope. 1Tim1:1

Hope in God; for I shall again praise Him, my salvation and my God. Ps.42:11

8 thoughts on “Got Hope?

  1. Hope can be so easily vanquished. I notice in my own life how bad news makes me feel like I’m going underwater.

    You are right. You have to have something to hang onto. Jesus is the one thing that has now shawdows.
    Thanks for spreading your hope.

  2. hi Barb…… love the cupcake pic on your blog.
    There is a lot to cause despair…………… these things are only temporary. But our only eternal and true hope is in Christ. Hope in people or the world will not last. What is the point (what does it profit you) if you get the whole world (everything is great for you in this life) but you lose your own soul? Hope is having your sins forgiven through repentance and faith in Him. Jesus came to seek and save the lost. The hope that He brings is eternal life.

  3. One of our elders preached on this last night, and how often leaders let us down in the end. I’d be interested to see if the man you spoke to winds up voting for someone else in 2012 !

  4. hi Joe, yes, leaders let us down. They have their place and role in God’s grand plan, but our “hope” is something that must be reserved for God alone, like faith and worship.

    As far as who this man will vote for in 2012, a few things come to mind. Imho, it matters not. Regardless of his age (and he is in his 70’s), he, as anyone, could be dead tomorrow. Then where will his hope be? The issue is, will the man repent of idolatry (worshiping a man, and The State and the antichrist world system) and trust in Christ alone? I pray he does, by God’s grace.

  5. What a great way to start a conversation about Jesus! What do you hope in? I’m going to pray to remember this! Thanks Loretta!

  6. Michelle, hey!! : ) yes, I love how current/socio-political events just lend to convo openers. It is like the way Jesus engaged the people He witnessed to: start in the natural realm and move to the spiritual.

  7. I’m thinking along the exact same lines Loretta. Unfortunately I think we’re going to see a lot more of the idolatry in the next week with the inauguration coming up. There is only one Savior and I hope and pray others will realize this as the media falls all over itself in the next week or so….

    I love your question about asking people what gives them hope. I might borrow that 🙂 As Micey says, it’s a great conversation starter !

  8. hi Joe, yes– the “man/ world system” worship will just escalate all the way to Rev.13. We haven’t seen anything yet.

    The more people worship “a man” (any man) and “the world system”, the more we joyfully, and fearlessly proclaim Christ!

    The more evil manifests, the more we lift up the righteousness and holiness of Christ! The more despair on the earth, the more we declare the hope that is Jesus.

    We proclaim to the world: “Put your hope in God!…” Ps.42

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