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Many of my favorite “low profile” witnessing ideas come from believers in countries where open preaching and evangelism is illegal. They choose to obey God rather than man; risking personal safety and liberty to obey Christ in the work of delivering the gospel. The laws of antichrist governments do not stop these saints as they are lead by the Holy Spirit to get creative in their witnessing.


In China, “pastor Bike” travels around on his bike with his Bible and gospel materials in his backpack. He goes around the various villages sharing the gospel, distributing scripture and
pastoring the believers he meets. He has been arrested a few times by the Chinese secret police because he witnesses to children under 18, travels outside of his area and refuses come under the authority of the state run Three Self Patriotic Church. When he gets out of jail (no doubt he also ministers to those in prison), he gets right back on his bike with his backpack. You too can carry gospel literature around with you, and give it to people you meet throughout your day. Whether you have the time and opportunity to have much of a conversation or not, you can always give folks something they can read or listen to on their own.


In Iran, “Rab” spreads the Gospel while driving his taxi. His cab is packed with Bibles, gospel literature, DVDs and audio tapes that he gives to those he shares Christ with while he drives. He knows the risk of going to prison or being killed for this, but he is unafraid and ready to face this challenge. He trusts in Ps.118:6; “The Lord is for me; I will not fear; what can man do to me?” Of course this can be done the other way around: give a gospel gift to your driver. Or, try playing “Reverse Cash Cab”: offer him $20 if he can name the Ten Commandments and then you can talk to him about the character of God, the Law and the Gospel.


In another middle east country where Christian evangelism is forbidden, “Fari” rides in the back of the bus, sharing the gospel one on one to other women, within earshot of many others(men and women) who lean in to listen. She also gives Gospel literature to them- right there on the bus. Go ahead: get on public transportation just to share the gospel with someone.


Believers in another restricted country send out “illegal” gospels and small Bibles to people through the mail. Give it a try! Anonymously mail someone the gospel or a small New Testament in a padded envelope. (This is how God saved me.) You can also mail bilingual or foreign language gospels to people in our country who speak a different first language.

A common way anywhere to sow the seed of the gospel in written form is to simply place gospel literature around in public places where people will find it. Yes, it’s true: “God uses tracts”, so you can too!

For more stories about the creative ways evangelism is done in restricted countries, get the Voice of the Martyrs newsletter.

4 thoughts on “Get Creative

  1. Hi Loretta! Happy New Year! I’m so glad you wrote this piece. I got your wonderful tracts in the mail and we gave them out at our big Christmas celebration for the homeless. 🙂 I just oredered a bunch of tracts from that company to pass out everywhere I go. I also leave the Gospel of John in funplaces for the express purpose of people finding them and being saved. I put them on cars, telephones, ATMs, mailboxes, bathroom sinks… you name it. I do this for the reason of hearing testimonies of people finding the Gospel and becoming saved! I know the Lord saves people everyday because of the word getting out! Have blessed and marvelous new year!!!

  2. hi Michelle! Happy new year! How exciting to hear about all your seed sowing adventures! Let me know if you want more tracts, I have lots of them. Or you can get more at custom tract source. I think they are now offering the same one in a larger size, for better readability. I also have heard many stories of people coming to the Lord from finding or being handed a tract. I love the mail idea, as this is how the Lord saved me, when someone mailed me a NT way back in ’85. One fun way to do “mailbox evangelism” with people you talk with out in the community is, ask for their business card and tell them you will write (email) to them or maybe send something (a gift). Then you can email a greeting, thanking them for the convo, and add a short gospel message, or a link to one, or you could mail them a printed gospel. A few times I had the opportunity to send via mail, bilingual or foreign language bibles or NT’s to Muslims who recently had come here from another country. It is really fun, try it. I know He saves people this way, thru His written Word — all over the world. He is so awesome!

    • Dear Loretta.
      Our Pentecost Church Arusha based in Tanzania are in need for tracts,bibles,and other gospel materials in order to reach un-reached souls with the gospel.
      Please write me back if you can distribute many tracts or literatures.
      Email me at
      My mobile is +255 755 29 66 74

  3. Here’s a quote from the young middle eastern woman who shares her faith on the bus:
    “Although I went to a church, they never said anything about sharing your faith. Perhaps they were afraid of the government. Even in the house group…they were cautious and didn’t say anything about sharing your faith. But at one point, I realized I have been freed of so many things, and these people in — are in the same sort of prison that I was in. I must share with them what released me. I was sorry for these poor people. Later, I would disciple these converts from the bus. I would start from Genesis and go a the way to the cross.”

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