Airport Outreach

Have you considered airports? Along with one on one’s and ‘lit dropping’, you can lay out gospel literature on your table and let people come up to you and take what they want. Great idea! (Check your airport rules first.) Here’s an inspiring outreach report from Edwin Lo:


Hello Brothers and Sisters

My flight was 3 hours delayed from Utah to AZ, from coming back from Jim Jones’ funeral. So I decided to rearrange all the tracts I got from Jim. I spread them on the table in the Utah airport and decided I will just hand out some tracts while people walk by figuring it looked like I had a table of tracts, books and DVDs. Twenty minutes went by and I handed one to the security, not knowing who he was, he asked me what I was doing, called the main support, and told them a man is handing out religious stuff. After he talked with his boss or whatever, he said you need a permit to hand these out, and he sees my table. He said I am not allowed to hand the tracts out and if he sees me hand anymore he will take me to jail. He said I can keep the table and if people ask you, you can engage them. He said he will have a camera on me.

So I sat down prayed. I read Matt.chp5, James chp1, 1 peter chp2 and I prayed “Lord I am sorry for misrepresenting you I will abide to the authorities”. Along came a man who saw the table; he was stoked –he wanted a million dollar tract and all the different other millions, he took an WOTM new testament and more. I was so zealous and wanting him to take anything, I made sure he new they were free. I looked over about 20 feet; the two security guards were talking and did nothing to me.

I was rejoicing that at least that one man got some stuff. God gave me grace and encouraged me in spite of my zeal without knowledge.

I told you this to give you a heads up next time you are in an airport wanting to pass out tracts or whatever. I cannot tell you if what I did at the beginning was wise or foolish; wanting to give tracts and not using much discernment. But God helped my discouragement when I encountered the security at first when I didn’t deserve it. I just wanted to get the Gospel out.


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