Seed Sowing at Christmastime

candycane_gospel-sharperThe “Holidays” are one of my favorite times of the year to do a little seed sowing. Write a few verses, or take a tract, put in an envelope (with a card if you like), and give them out as Christmas cards. People are always happy to receive a Christmas gift. As you go about your errands and shopping you can give people in your community the best gift of all; the gospel.

For considering your Christmas gospel message, please see
The Candy Cane Gospel vs. The Glorious Gospel.

3 thoughts on “Seed Sowing at Christmastime

  1. Hi Loretta, I came to your blog site here once before, but this time I had a chance to look around. Very nice. I think I am going to start one for SOS now that I am doing our website.

    FYI – I watched the pilgrams progress story on DVD, just released a short time ago. I thought it was great. I never read the book.


  2. hi Larry! yea you guys should do a blog. The website looks very professional…updated! I liked the “new” pilgrims progress movie. I have not read the original yet either, but I’ve read Little Pilgrim’s Progress, a children’s version. Such a great story. We all can relate……..

    I really look forward to being out there with you all again!

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