Fun with Tracts

Last Saturday I had a full day of conversations, and giving out tracts while doing errands and taking the kids for some recreation. At the mall, I ended up talking to “Kevin” on the sidewalk for some time and giving him a cd tract. It was amazing how God used his comments to turn the conversation to the gospel, and how much he wanted to hear it. While talking to him, “Jack” the security guard came over to make sure the man was not bothering me (the guard had previously told him to take a hike since the man was homeless and trying to do street “theater” for solicitation without a permit). I assured the guard that we were just talking (that the man was not doing anything illegal) and soon, Jack was quite involved in our conversation about the gospel! I had to go so I said bye to Kevin and started walking, and Jack walked with me in order to talk to me more about the gospel. He also got a few cd tracts. It is amazing that there really are people out there who want to hear it. Pray, and God will arrange meeting for you to talk with them.

Later at Malibu, while the kids were zipping around the track on the turbo cars I sat there looking for who I should talk to. Pretty soon I realize there’s a group of junior high boys next to me, hanging out. One boy had a T shirt that said “big money”. I thought that was so funny, since I had the big money in my bag. So I said to the boy, “Hey is does your shirt say, ‘big money’?” He said, yeah and I said, “Oh I have big money too!”

I took out a big 100 dollar bill and gave it to him and the other boys wanted one too. They LOVED it! They went off towards their parents, and the mom had them all pose for a picture with them holding up the big money. Then, they all stood around silently reading the tract! Then they gave them to the parents to
hold while they got on the race cars. The parents sat there reading the big money, and then they passed them around to the other parents. Later, we saw other kids holding and reading them. The original kids came by and asked for more to give to friends. I was amazed! It was so fun and too easy.

Today we are going to the Academy of Science museum in SF, where evolution and environmentalism are the new world faiths. I’m bringing some of my homemade “presuppositional creation evangelism” tracts. I wonder who God wants me to talk to there?


3 thoughts on “Fun with Tracts

  1. That’s great…God bless you for your efforts.
    I can’t imagine how hard it must be to pass out tracts while doing the other “thousands” of motherly things that you do…

    I pray for your strength!


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