Mosque, Pt.1

What a fantastic opportunity to join a group of believers for a cross-cultural adventure. We attended an “open house” at a San Francisco mosque, for the ‘break the fast’ dinner. But it was the part before the Muslim ‘call to prayer’ and dinner, that I did not expect.

Upstairs on the social hall floor, we sat at banquet tables with a few hundred other guests and listened to several speakers. I was expecting Muslim leaders to tell us all about Islam and Ramadan. I grew sick as I slowly realized that I was attending an interfaith meeting! There were brochures on the table published by an interfaith group, explaining how all the monotheistic religions are basically one. One by one, Muslims and non Muslims got up and gave speeches promoting interfaith cooperation, and the urgent global necessity for us to all come together to achieve world peace and save humanity.

There were many baby boomers who had a Jewish, Catholic or cultural Christian background, who had converted to Islam. There were many Roman Catholic priests and nuns, especially the Franciscans, the order of the Catholic church I grew up in. There were people from different religions- but most of them were classic mystical New Spirituality creation worshipers.

At our table were two ladies that I think were probably either Catholic or Episcopalian, and one man described his own cult religion which gave me chills. He had a “sacred space” called Abraham’s Place (or something) where Jews, Muslims and Christians came to worship together as one. The man looked and sounded “affected by something”. I was not sure if we were going to be at that table all evening, but I knew that God did not want me to say a single word there, about the precious things of the Lord, to this particular group of people. He wanted me to keep my Pearls to myself at this time.

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