One Ordinary Believer

The kids and I just watched 70X7, the documentary of Robert Carillo, a man whose life was turned around when he came to faith in the Lord. He went from an angry, hopeless drug user with a criminal record, to a forgiven, forgiving, hopeful, grateful man with the love of Christ controlling him. He started reaching out to hurting, needy people with physical help and the gospel. He ended up filling his own home, and then a friend’s, with dozens of homeless people. These people were fed, ministered to practically, taught God’s Word, and lovingly discipled for many years. Robert did this ministry out of his own home (and his friend’s). He became a pastor, and eventually his ministry ended up reaching thousands.

And it all started when God the Holy Spirit, led one ordinary believer to witness to Robert one day, and he obeyed.


2 thoughts on “One Ordinary Believer

  1. I’m reading a book called “Jesus the Evangelist” and there are a couple of stories in there that are similar. It talks about one believer sharing the Gospel with a bitter, cynical shoe repairman and the shoe repairman was D.L. Moody!

    I shared the Gospel with my son’s girlfriend last night and gave her a Gospel of John. I’m so happy she is thinking about her eternal life and that I’ll have a chance to follow up with her. 🙂

  2. micey! That sounds like a book I’d like to read also. : )
    Wow I’m so glad for the opportunity God gave you to share the gospel last night!
    Perhaps you will end up discipling her………… !

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