Waiting in line for gas, the spot at the pump opened up, but a car zoomed in front of me to get it. Miffed, I steamed to myself for a few minutes. The driver got out and started pumping gas. The passenger got out and went into the store. She was pretty punked out: matted hair, tattoos, raggy clothes. She looked like she had been homeless in the Haight. I started judging her in my heart. Then the girl went to the car, got a handful of apples and came over to give them to me! She apologized that they had cut in front of me, explaining that they did not see me until they had already scooted in front of me. She was sweet, kind, joyful, giving and sincere. And what had I been, in my heart?

I thanked her for the apples as she skipped back to her seat in the car. God convicted me and I sat there repenting of my sinful judgmental attitude towards her, and my offense at losing my turn at the pump. God dealt with me, and now I was led by Him to go to her and give her a gift. I got a small gospel booklet and went to her open window to talk to her. I was stunned at what I saw.

She was sitting in the passenger seat, with a Bible open on her lap, reading it! As soon as I approached her, she joyfully burst forth with testimony of the wonderful things she was discovering in God’s Word! She was a brand new believer and was soaking up the scriptures as fast as she could read. (She was reading the Bible in the car!) She was rejoicing in the salvation and grace the Lord Jesus had given her. She was giving thanks to God and rejoicing in Christ! This young woman was filled with the Holy Spirit. She said her life was now brand new. She said these things to me, not knowing anything about me. She was being a witness for Jesus.

When I confessed that I too was a believer, she joyfully declared that we were having fellowship in Christ (church), right there, at the gas station! Turns out the person she was with, picked her up off the street, fed her, witnessed to her and she became born into God’s Kingdom. Now she was being discipled in the Word, and she was being transformed by it. She was a new creature in Christ. Someone loved her enough to help her, care for her, and witness to her. What kind of love was this that reached out to her?

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son… John3:16.

And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength….You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Mark 12:30-31.


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