Contend Earnestly

Well friends, I was going to talk with you today about our wonderful salvation in Jesus, but instead, I’m finding it necessary to take this time to remind you of the urgent need to defend truth and contend for the faith. I’ve been thinking about Tony Miano going to proclaim the glorious gospel to the folks waiting to hear Todd Bentley. If I was standing in line for something, and I heard the Law and the Gospel preached, I would be praising God. I love hearing it. Many people at the Todd Bentley event reacted in such anger and hostility, like the unbelievers on Haight St. who did not like hearing the gospel.

I have a dear brother who works in youth ministry. He has seen many youth groups, conferences and Christian youth mega-events. He says he has heard some groups teach a totally different thing, which is not our faith at all, but is carnal, worldly, about self and this world. It is not based on God’s Word. It is a different gospel. Someone came in to these youth groups (with new messages and methods) and changed what would be taught to the youth. The Bible was tossed out, (or twisted out of context and misapplied) and a new thing was introduced.

This reminds me of my college instructor who boldly declared that their goal was to destroy the Old Paradigm based on God’s Word,(they were talking about the Christian faith) and replace it with the The New Paradigm, which is of course, satan’s religion.

There are many believers who are being influenced by the messages of false prophets and teachers. They need to get back to the truth of God’s Word. There are also many others in the visible church who profess Christ but believe a different gospel, and even have a different Jesus; they are not actually in Christ. They need to hear the true gospel.

This situation is going to escalate and there will be increasing pressure on believers to just “get with the new program”. As New Paradigm Christianity synthesises with the New Spirituality and the world system, we must boldly and humbly declare the true gospel all the more.

This subject is not a distraction from preaching the gospel, it provides even more motivation to keep preaching the gospel.

Also, it is our Christian duty as bondservants of Christ to contend for the faith. The Word commands us to discern false prophets and false teaching. I believe truth is more important than keeping the peace and not making waves. The danger of strife is nothing compared to the importance of biblical truth. The Bible teaches that we are commanded to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.

For false Christs (“anointed ones”) and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect. Behold, I have told you in advance. Matt.24:24-25.

But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons…1Tim.4:1.

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires..2Tim.4:3.

…exhort in sound doctrine and to refute those who contradict. Titus 1:9.

…there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master….2Peter 2:1.

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 1John4:1.

But realize this, that in the last days perilous times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful… But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. 2Tim.3:1 & 13.

Beloved, while I was making every effort to write you about our common salvation, I felt the necessity to write to you appealing that you contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints. Jude3.

6 thoughts on “Contend Earnestly

  1. … what people need firstly is getting the book of acts Pentecostal experiences.. and they will naturally next care for the poor people, act like real anointed Christians.

    …Many Christians are doing their own thing, trying to live a life without Jesus, without even taking to him now often too.. Jesus himself hath said without me you can do nothing.. nothing!!!

  2. Sued? For his views on Todd Bentley. Hardly.

    Comment by Polycarp | August 8, 2008

    Reference the inapplicable and overly simplifed comments of yours..

    Undeniably too many of the big TV Evangelist, big Pentecostal preachers ,have started to sue their critics on the net too, Benny Hinn included..

    “Great Florida Outpouring – Endorsements Posted on June 17, 2008. A number of leaders in the Body of Christ are going to be in Lakeland on June 23th to bless the Outpouring. Bill Johnson, Che Ahn, C. Peter Wagner, John and Carol Arnott, among others, will be there according to the announcement Todd made last night.” 20 selective comments so far.. real negative comments are excluded.

    Now ”Why Is Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship Angry? Posted by Job on May 29, 2008 Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship – the home of the liars and perjurers including John Arnott and Steve Long – are upset for being exposed for what they truly are sons of disobedience and sons of hell and are taking at least one person to court contrary to scriptures to protest about his online books which are too hot for them to handle! It’s also amazing that we have operating freely in Toronto Canada, liars, perjurers and thieves in Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship including John Arnott and Steve Long with impunity or without rebuke from anybody about their financial crimes, their hate crimes, lies and perjury!

    But it’s not amazing that these scoundrels, liars, and perjurers would not submit as per “The order of Justice James H. Clarke of January 15, 2008” which stated “ THIS COURT ORDERS THAT the Defendants shall serve on the Plaintiff by email and file their Statement of Defense within ten days,” a Statement of Defense to this former member regarding his $100 million dollar Lawsuit Court File No: 6447/07 filed in Milton, Ontario, with the Superior Court of Ontario and now revised to $ 300 million.

    And if this Christian nonprofit charity TACF and its executives John Arnott and Steve Long can defy and ignore the order of Justice James H. Clarke and do whatever they want so can every other Canadian. Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship sets by its example that any Christian can be lawless, liars, thieves, and perjurers and not respect the rule of law!”

    Hey I have said it there are no winners, here, the pastors, and supporter from both sides, lie, distort, bash in their endorsement, or criticism, and present mostly partial or half truths it seems.. Anyone think still that having John and Carol Arnott there is a good endorsement? Not me!!!

    It was, is clearly evident, in this present ungodly Internet wars, in the Ontario Queen’s Commercial court actions between the Toronto Airport Christian fellowship Church, it’s pastors too, and Walter Kambulow of Burlington, Ontario, that both sides are involved in revengeful acts, wanting now to pay each other back through the courts now as well. What anyone still foolish to believe any of them are even now real Christians? And Walter Kambulow firstly admitting to being guilty of unintentionally violating a Canadian court order is not the same thing as any of the parties now yet being found guilty of deliberate libel, or slander.. but so far it is clearly apparent that both sides here still really are not playing fairly, respecting the spirit or the latter, intent of the Canadian court orders, and yes both sides Toronto Airport Christian fellowship Church, it’s pastors too, and Walter Kambulow of Burlington, Ontario undeniably are still not at all good examples of Christianity so far too. A clearly eye for an eye approach by both parties still is clearly a carnal approach and not a Christian one. You would have firstly thought the Church pastors themselves would have set a better example here too. I rightfully still have no respect for any of them now too.

    In love the unacceptable Pentecostal bashers, critics under disguise of supposedly posting the truth, who mostly still do use the same unoriginal, ungodly, lame-brained, fool’s types of arguments, are not only clearly dishonest, uninspired, boring but they do also mostly have a personal agenda that is so transparent that sadly they are are an embarrassment, their agenda clear involves the fact want to uplift themselves, their own gospel, sect, denomination mostly still as well. In love they should really read and practice the whole Bible firstly themselves.

    Sow the wrong seed and you can also next reap a whirl wind , church pastors included now, and there is really no such thing as a little bit allowable sins for pastors included, no such thing as being a little bit pregnant here too.. and it is still clearly unacceptable for any Pastors to counsel a man’s wife behind his back and without his knowledge, approval, permission, but even this sadly an unacceptable common occurrence in evangelical churches now too, even in the Brethren, Baptist, Alliance and Pentecostals churches now too.. and this is how the war against the perverse pastors’ of the Toronto airport church and other similar bad churches had next escalated. When any spouse starts to talk to others about their family affairs they now are next definitely headed towards divorce wars as well..

    Many many pastors do wrongfully still think that the citizens complaints about them is all a big joke, they laugh at it, mock them too. Don’t believe me, just do an internet search “Walter Kambulow” and see their poor responses to his writings. Pastors falsely think they are above the law and yet many of them have, do threaten to sue you when you get too close and personal about them. They want it both ways, they cannot though. They the evangelical pastors firstly do need to get real, to act like real Christians firstly now and work for God rather then self. They seem to have nice cars, nice homes, great salaries, expensive perks, vacations and too too many of them.. Pastors Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart was not the first or last pervert, crook. The bad pastors are trying to get falsely their rewards on earth it seems and not in heaven.. Do what I say and not what I do is what they also preach.

    so why was walter kambulow sued?

    be cause he said that bad pastors were bad friends of Todd Bentley or what?

  3. hi nonconformer. Hey I was about to thank you for your comment,
    “Reference the inapplicable and overly simplifed comments of yours..”

    as well as try to figure out why your comment made no sense, when I realized that the entire thing is a copied-pasted comment addressed to Polycarp.

    Also, in reading this part of your comment, “(they)want to uplift …. their own gospel,”

    In a world of various different (false)gospels ,isn’t there only one true gospel? What believer would not want to lift it up?

    Sorry, I have to agree with Polycarp on this one.

  4. so why was Walter being sued..

    what you are saying this is not happening at all? other people have on the net written and said he are being sued for even speaking against pentecostal pastors too..

    unless you yourself are sued you won’t belive any of it is that it?

    you agree that a person cannot be sued by law for telling the truth about bad evangelical pastors, but if the pastor has already filed a law suit for such what you still do not want to believe now any of it is true?

    do an internet search and see the facts Walter kambulow was, is being sued for his posts about bad pastors and a judge in Ontario Canada has ordered a temporary ban of any internet postings by Walter as well on the subject

  5. yo nonconformer, Get this: I have no idea who Walter Kambulow is, or what the story is there. Trust me: I’m trying not to get involved with all this stuff. I am trying to keep my eyes on Christ, and focus on the task at hand, which is raising my children, running my home, blessing the saints, and reaching the lost with the gospel.
    But, if I happen to come upon teachings that are not biblical, I am more than happy to stand for what is biblical, in the face of false teachings. We really must compare what we hear with the Word of God.

    I went to a ‘revival’ service in SF recently. The leadership there got the commissioning/impartation (or whatever it’s called) from FL, and brought it to SF. They were calling it the ‘Golden Gate Outpouring’. Here’s some of the things they (leadership) were saying at that meeting:

    release angelic visitations
    let your glory fall
    step into that place where fire comes
    Holy Spirit we release you, we pray for us to be the burning ones (like the seraphim)
    we ask for your angels be released
    bring them down with burning coals
    we are feeling the heat
    His angels are here to help you
    what we’re envisioning: signs and wonders
    Heidi Baker
    around the globe
    accelerating the church
    beginning to see thousands come
    in this region
    blessed globally
    see a breakthrough in the (?)
    where his domain is
    he is ruling
    see the Kingdom proclaimed
    I was in FL
    words of knowledge
    heaven and earth merge
    spiritual earthquake
    we are in an epicenter
    something governmental happened in the heavenlies
    dreams (people describing dreams that did not seem to be about anything)

    I’m sorry but I don’t think any of this is biblical. Much of it sounds like the New Age religion I was being taught in college. They were telling us of a “transformation”; a paradigm shift to the Age of Aquarius, that will come upon the earth, that WE will create and declare.
    There are people feeding this New Spirituality, global oneness philosophy to the church, and cloaking it in Christian-speak. Voila:The Kingdom Now movement. Unfortunately, many dear believers are believing this stuff. They are not the bad guys, they are our brothers and sisters.

    But someone (wolves) is feeding this to the flock. We must pray that the saints of God will have discernment, not believe in deception, and compare what is taught with the Word of God, and choose truth, rather than go with what is popular and exciting.

    We must also pray that the true church; all the saints, will be and remain united together in love for one another, and united in truth; the true gospel of Jesus Christ and His Word. We have to pray for one another. We have to pray for the church. Jesus loves His church and He wants to protect it.

    My sincere prayer in this most difficult time in the church, is that the saints love one another, and help one another to be faithful to God’s revealed Word and Truth, and help one another see the deception and apostacy that is being brought into the church. My prayer is that we will encourage one another, and help one another sort through all this, even as we are boldly defending truth against heresy, and declaring the gospel to the lost.

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