Faith Comes by Hearing

It’s been fun sharing the gospel with the cd tract. At the mall, several kids at the bus stop got one, along with a friendly mall security guard and a few teenagers. My daughter and I were in a shoe store Tuesday, replacing her well worn sneakers, when a teen boy there recognized me. He used to hang around our house when visiting his grandparents on our street. We chatted, talking about school and family. I asked him if he liked hip hop, and he said yes. So I gave him a cd; he was pretty excited to get some new music. I told the boy that the man (on the cd) really has something to say. Then the clerk (college age woman) rushed over and said that she wanted one too. I handed her one as she announced that she would play it on their store stereo. One of the songs is Romans 3:10-31 recited! shai linne clearly preaches the gospel in the songs, and of course, there’s the Piper sermon jams. Sure wish I could have seen it when the store speakers blared out God’s Truth.

On our way home from the “sprinkler park” Wednesday, we stopped at Safeway. As I passed parked cars along the walkway, there was a minivan with the windows down, and a little girl about 11 or 12 sitting in the passenger seat. Rap music was booming out the windows. I went up to her window and started chatting, giving her the “cd tract”. I was telling her what was on it when the sliding side door opened to reveal an elderly gentleman in the back seat. He asked me what was on the cd and I told him it was “the gospel”. He immediately scoffed and started arguing with me. He said He believed that God created everything, but he could not believe that Jesus is God, the Creator, and that He came here. He was saying that he was offended at the idea that God “sent Himself” to pay for our sins. Interestingly, he brought up all these topics himself. I told him very respectfully that not only is Jesus God, but yes, that is exactly what God did in sending Jesus: He came here and paid for our sins Himself.

The older gentleman continued ranting about the distasteful idea of Christ crucified, while the little girl was nodding her head in agreement about Jesus being the way God forgives us. She popped the cd into the player and started listening to it while I explained to the grampa that the real issue here is our sin before a holy and just God; sin that only God Himself can remedy. The grampa got out of the car and went around to the back where he could not hear me anymore, and I continued telling the little girl why we need Jesus. I was using the courtroom analogy (and my experience on a criminal trial jury) to explain what Jesus did for us, by His grace.

By this time, several people had stopped and were standing there on the sidewalk listening to the conversation. One man on the sidewalk was listening intently and tossing questions to me. Then the mother arrived carrying groceries and a little toddler. Grampa got back into the car, mumbling under his breath. As the mom strapped the baby sister into the car seat, I said hi and told her what we were talking about and she seemed pretty happy to hear we were talking about Jesus. Then they needed to get on their way. The mother smiled and said thank you and I said goodbye to the grampa and the girl.

The cd tract is a spiritual conversation starter that people are happy to receive. I like that after you say goodbye the cd will still be proclaiming Jesus to people, from their speakers.

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ. Rom.10:17

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