The Atonement

My dream of graduating from college came to a sad end when I dropped out in my Junior year; I could not stomach the deeply occultic required reading for my major at SFSU. I was really at the wrong school. For years I wished I could have gone to Bible school or Christian college or something. But it was not to be. God was in loving control; He had another plan. He had something far better than college for me.

Years later, I was going to take a special class at church, but it was eliminated (due to lack of interest) right when I applied for it. After spending years starving to learn some systematic biblical doctrine and theology, God taught me Himself out of His Word. Later (three years ago) He led me to where I could feast on hearing these truths expounded. And now we’re in a church that preaches like this every Sunday. God is so good to provide for us in these last days, amen?

Anyways, I was thinking of someday getting Grudem’s Systematic Theology and reading it as a devotional, but now I don’t have to because I just listened to shai linne’s The Atonement.

The music is gritty, funky, rugged and “underground”. This album is good for evangelism as well as personal worship. The atonement is the center of the gospel, and the center of our redemption and our relationship with God in Christ. There is one song in which one man asks for definitions of theological terms, and the other man defines the terms, teaching basic bible theology. (Very thoroughly!) There’s also some really good sermon tracks mixed in. Check it out.

As I was implying, yes, there is more theology in this album than some saints will hear in a lifetime at many Neo-E churches. Learning, knowing and understanding theological Truth just makes us love and worship Jesus more. We love learning it. It is eternally attractive to us who are reconciled and redeemed, and whose sins are paid for by the blood of the Lamb.

14 thoughts on “The Atonement

  1. Amen sister! I found an online Bible college at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa and I’m applying to go! Pray for me to be accepted please 🙂

  2. hi micey ~
    Praying for you. That sounds really great! I think if Master’s college had an online B.A. degree I would perhaps seriously consider it. : D But even if i do not ever get to finish college, I am at peace. God is so amazingly providing my soul with the bread of life, from His Word. Let me know if you get in!! : )

  3. hi Scotti! I was kidding around in that line about Grudem’s book.(haha.) I really do hope to get that book and read it; I’ve heard it is very good. Thanks for the link!

  4. Oh! haha…yeah, i see it now. I guess I read your post too quick! You could not exactly read his book as a devotional. It is very heavy stuff. It is a great reference book, though.

  5. Scotti, hey. And the other part of my jesting was suggesting a hip hop album would replace a thick theology book. But that was just to illustrate how impressed I was with how much theology is packed into an hour of audio on this album. There are so many who haven’t ever heard of these things! So I pray the Lord will use this album to reach the lost and teach young believers.

  6. Here’s another video of a song from The Atonement:Were you there when they crucified my Lord?

    Gives you an idea of the type of music, and mood. There are other songs(Prayer in the garden, the crucifixion, the cross) that are much heavier than even this. The “resurrection” song (Jesus is alive) is the cheerful one, and the “theology lesson” songs are more upbeat. One is dance-able: the one with shai’s friend Stephen the Levite, in which they go over theological terms. The whole work is very creative and worshipful. Sobering and humbling. Glory to God.

  7. Hey, Loretta. I am just stopping by to thank you once again for sharing your heart with us on the Reformed Think Tank show. I saw this post and I was just curious, what was your major in college?

    Anyway, it was nice to hear you share your experiences and I hope we can stay in touch.

  8. hi Jen, it was great talking to you and Paul on Reformed Think Tank. Great topic.
    I took all the nursing prerequisites (science) then changed my major to Liberal Studies, rather than enter the nursing program. I was thinking of teaching or just getting a ‘basic’ degree with that major. Turns out, at SFSU I ended up with high level occultists as instructors.

    I talked about it here

    and here

    Hope to get to know you more, Jen, and I’ll see you around the Reformed Evangelist…

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