Summer CD Tract

Ok I finally decided what I’ll be distributing the most this summer, as the Lord leads. For those who understand English and would not be disagreeable to Hip Hop style (yes that still leaves a lot of people!), I’ve decided to go with Lampmode’s Grassroots EP which can be described as “theologically rich, Christ-centered lyricism over rugged instrumentals.” There’s real preaching in these songs. At the end I added two really biblical gospel-telling “sermon jams”. This one is about how it is only something outside of you, namely Jesus Christ, that can rescue you. The other one is about how everyone is guilty before God in their sins. The gospel is clearly, lovingly and gloriously preached in both.

Woe is me if I do not preach the Gospel! 1Cor.9:16


4 thoughts on “Summer CD Tract

  1. micey, isn’t that a cool idea? Kind of a techno version of the trusty paper tract, but you can pop it in your cd player and listen while you drive.

    I first got the idea for a cd tract when I found, but aside from a few audios that are encouraging to believers, there is very little there that i can honestly say i agree with theologically- there’s some stuff on there I just am not into- and I was looking for gospel audios that were more solid theologically for giving to others- so I’ve been looking around and the first audio i used for a cd tract was this presentation of the gospel, which is very straightforward, and thorough (and biblical).
    there’s some very cool sermon jams on this site that are very solid/biblical preaching:

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